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 CCW: Wuh Duh Fuh

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PostSubject: CCW: Wuh Duh Fuh   Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:19 pm

I just came up with this during a different post. There is no need for a discussion thread here. REALLY, anybody can pop in at any time cuz there will be no way to seriously harm this.
genres: illustrated (oh yes!!!) free for all

Smile was Sad. He wanted to play games with his good friend, Blue, who Smile knew to be Sleep. What Smile didn't know was at this exact moment Sleep was actually sneaking behind the neighbor's barn, No this way and that, Suspect that he was being followed. The only signs of life No saw were a pig, a albino, and an 🐘. No continued Suspect as he meandered through the inhospitable farmland.

Just then, Smile remembered he had to feed the neighbor's cat, and bounce his way Arrow the back yard and Arrow the hedge maze to the farm. Just then, he heard a loud rumbling and suddenly came driving up. Smile was affraid, was a horrible bully, and a biker !!! Smile jumped back into the hedge and disguised himself as a flower. flower waited until left, then out of the hedges to make sure it was safe. Smile then bounce behind the barn so he could get a bucket of cat food. As Smile rounded the corner of the barn, he stopped, Shocked, as all the pale. Smile Question reality as he stared across the barnyard, seeing his Sleep friend not Sleep, but instead.

**Umm...if anyone thinks they can continue with the selection of smileys we have, have at it! Razz

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PostSubject: Re: CCW: Wuh Duh Fuh   Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:23 pm

So while Sleep was busy Off my Sheep! , he decided to stay and watch. One thing led to an other, and Very Happy began to taunt 4

Moments later, Very Happy began to Uber Xcited .

Very Happy looked at his hand, affraid ,and thought "what the hell am I going to do with this? He scratch and scratch for a solution, and then Very Happy came up with one! Face Slap It was so obvious! But, too bad when he Face Slap he forgot it was still within his hand...

Very Happy tried to see it. Eyes straining, he Rolling Eyes and he Shocked , but it escaped his view. Very Happy decided to get rid of it the old fashioned way... Bash Head but it was still there.

So he study to learn of a new method, something he over-looked. And you know what? Very Happy did just that.


Aren't hats wonderful?
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CCW: Wuh Duh Fuh
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