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 Spoilers 101

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PostSubject: Spoilers 101   Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:09 pm

The use of Spoilers to some may be confusing, but it is quite simple after trying it out a few times. A spoiler is used to 'hide' something whether it's a link, picture, video or even just words.

The spoiler button can be found on the 'button bar' in the 'Others' buttonwhen you are either replying to a post or creating a new one. When you click 'Spoiler', you will get something that looks like this: (spoiler)(/spoiler) HOWEVER, the parentheses '()' will be brackets '[]' instead!!!!

Whatever you want to 'hide' needs to be placed between the first and the second 'spoiler'. In example:

(spoiler)YOUR IMAGE, VIDEO, WHAT-NOT(/spoiler)

When others view your posting, they will see the word spoiler which they can click on to see what is hidden.

Spoilers are a great way of still being able to discuss things like movies without giving away the neat stuff to those who have not yet seen it. It also allows you to virtually hide a series of pictures without making your post bulky with the need to scroll through possible pages just to read it fully.

Spoilers are just another way to make a forum fun for everyone.


Enjoy! cheers bounce cheers
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Spoilers 101
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