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PostSubject: Gametrak   Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:16 am

Yesterday... wait, this is Friday morning right now... okay, on Wednesday I was at Goodwill window-shopping. I like going to stores like that because you never know what you find. Well, on that occassion I came out with a small wicker cage, a baby doll (don't want to give my art project away, but those two will be combined) and an unusual black box with a USB plug, an odd controller and two gloves attached to the device. Since that device was only 99 cents, I figured what the heck, and picked it up. I thought it was a computer plug-in device with built in games.

Boy, was I wrong.

Turned out it is actually a Gametrak. According to wiki, a gametrak is a device used with the X-Box for playing spatial 3D games. The gametrak would plug into the X Box and sit on the floor... the odd controller is actually a foot pedal, and the gloves are attached in a way so that you have full 360 degree motion AND the tether they are attached to measures depth.

Remember the scene in Johnny Mnemonic where Johnny equips the gloves to do some virtual internet surfing? He reaches out and pulls up boxes to manipulate? Okay, now picture the gloves with fishing line, and the line is attached to a swivel. Oh, and the gloves are actually velco wrapped mesh with a thumb hole.

Anyway, that's the gametrak.

It's a rather cool device. Supposed to work with 3D games, like I said, and games that allow you to do things (like play guitar and golf). Problem is, I don't have an X Box.

Don't know if they still make games for this, as I don't follow what X Box does, and I don't know if it is compatible with the 360, BUT if anyone would like to have it, let me know. Free of charge.
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