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 New area for personal thoughts

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PostSubject: New area for personal thoughts   Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:57 am

A request was made for members to have the option of having a place to post their ideas and thoughts about whatever might be on their minds at the time. To save time explaining details, basically there was request for member blogs, which only the members could post new threads in and moderate by themselves, with the ability for other members to comment, but not start new threads in that section. This request was agreed on, discussed in committee, and put into effect. Now for the how-tos:

There is a new section currently titled "The Thinking." Under that will be individual forums for each member who wants one. If you want one, you have options, and when you request yours be made make these simple choices:

Name. What do you want your particular corner of thinking to be called? "Yourname Thoughts?" "Ramblings of Yourname?" Whatever you want.

Blog style or Forum Style. The forum style is the same as the rest of the forum. The blog style is similar, but is laid out more like a real blog, with replies being listed as 'comments' instead.

Do you want a picture/icon like the rest of the forum topics have? Drop a link to the picture, or include it in your request post.

All of these items can be changed, so you're not stuck with something permanent once you choose. So, to all of you members who want to express thoughts and such, drop a request and we'll take care of you! Again, in these personal forums, only you, the "owner" (and admin), can start original posts, make stickies, moderate, and such. Anyone can read your posts, only members can comment. This will be YOUR forum.

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New area for personal thoughts
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