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 Back to the Zone

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PostSubject: Back to the Zone   Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:48 pm

Wait a minute! If this post is about 'The Zone' as mentioned in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of computer games, how can we be going back to The Zone in the 2D Digital Art section of Creation topics?! Well, fellow stalkers, it's because I have been artistic.

First, I have always thought my "backside" view of Waupaca Foundry from my work place was very stalkery. In Stalker, and many real photos taken from Chernobyl or Pripyat, the stack/tower of the sarcophagus protecting us from Reactor 4 is a powerful element of the imagery. From my angle on Waupaca, I have the little islands and fingers of land jutting into the river, with trees and shore plants everywhere. Just beyond the row of trees, the stack/towers of Waupaca come up from the treeline, and in between some open spots the stained and/or rusted square corners of buildings can be seen.

Yes, it's very nice. Kinda stalkery. But what would really set this apart from just a normal picture of the back side of a factory? I know! What if there was a very Zone-ish disruption of weather patterns? Maybe weather so screwed up it borders on becoming an anomaly?

Thanks Vader!!! Now that looks ominous, and almost haunting. Ooh...spooky! Now I can almost imagine having to make it to that factory, with mutated beasts and bandits roaming those woods. It's the closest place of safe refuge from the anomalous emission I feel coming on...oh's here already!!!

Notice the 'Springboard' Anomaly floating above the water. Maybe as I try to make it to the factory before waves of radiation sweep over me, I can safely stop by the Springboard and get myself a Jellyfish artifact! That would score me a thousand rubles! But if I get trapped in the a Jellyfish worth instant death? Hmmm....

Oh, as final note, these pics are down-scaled links. IF this all works correctly, you should be able to click them and go to the full-size versions...

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Back to the Zone
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