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 Like Butter...

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PostLike Butter...

Yes, butter...or a room temperature tub of country crock...I'm spreading my resources too thin yet again. I had fired up a semi-official blog wherein I was trying to stay professional and 'on target' about things that piss me off with the world. I thought I had a nice start of a run against government policy, and was going to take a break to go after an article I read about a tank contract (but the tank article disappeared from the net before I could properly reference it), then maybe do some software piracy bits...and then I got caught up in a mix of facebook political fanaticism and my own conspiracy theories. I think I lost my 'professional' edge, and with it I kindof just stopped giving a rat's ass. SO...I plan to dump the blog soon, but before I do, I figured I would post my last article...even though it slipped down the slope of mild lunacy, I was quite proud of the turn of events I made...though to really get from A to B I should have made a full-blown essay of it. This was too forced. Anyway, it should be up for a few more days. If you get bored, give it a read:

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Re: Like Butter...
Post on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:38 am by soothsayer
Just as a response...

1. Yes, the government is trying to control what you eat. Keep in mind New York has banned salt in resturants, how McDonald's was petitioned to remove toys from their Happy Meals, and the expected additional tax on sodas and candy bars (to name a few).

2. I consider myself a fiscal conservative... don't sepnd money you don't have! If you want to make new programs like health care, fine... show me how it'll be paid for, first! Then again, I do like the Libertarian platform. Not liberal, Libertarian. I'd also like to see Ralph Nader as President. I don't like Ron Paul, even though he's Libertarian; I don't want him in because he is a firm believer that the Reptilians are intergrated in our society and bent on full colonization (that's even too much for me).

3. We should do away with the whole damned federal government altogether. Allow each and every citizen of 18 years of age or older to vote on every bill and piece of legislature. We have the internet and wide connectivity, so why can't we do this? The military would still be a "federal" thing, with military oblegations determined by our governors, who would also meet every quarter to determine nation-wide things, like highway structure or commerce.

4. The last house picture is from Assassin's Creed. Could you do a 3D rendition of a 3D rendition without crossing some line or another? I kid, I kid!

Like Butter...

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