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 Ramen 2.0

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PostSubject: Ramen 2.0   Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:52 pm

For those who eat Ramen noodles but are getting burned out on the 'usual'. I give you a few ideas that I have used to make ramen more interesting! Note, these are almost all spices or flavor additions. Anyone can make a batch of ramen and throw a handful of shredded cheese or a can or mexicorn in there. These ideas are a bit simpler, yet full of enhanced flavor or other qualities.

1. Spicy Picante Chicken. It's an actual flavor, but it's not always available around these parts. So, make chicken ramen your normal way, and when you add the chicken powder packet, throw a teaspoon of taco seasoning in with it! SPICY! Obviously, more or less to taste.

2. Pot Roast Beef. This is a tad simpler when you have a mason jar full of premade and homemade pot roast spice mix, but the packets should work. The homemade stuff I use was based on an online recipe, and I don't have that right now, but I know it's got flour in it, and rosemary and stuff like that. Anyway, make beef ramen, and when adding the packet, add one or two teaspoons of pot roast seasoning. The spices are designed to enhance the flavor in a slow-cooked pot roast, and they still work to enhance the ramen beefy flavor. In addition, with the flour, it makes for a slightly thicker texture...almost like noodles in a sauce instead of just flavored water! Oh, it's also MUCH more filling.

3. Sweet and sour chicken. Just did this for the first time last night, and again tonight. Yum! Chicken ramen, with a teaspoon of sweet and sour sauce. The heat from the ramen melts the sauce when you stir it, so it mixes with the noodles and water smoothly. Thickens into a semi-sauce, and the whole thing tastes like sweet and sour chicken! YAY!!!

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Ramen 2.0
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