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 Time: Perceived

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PostSubject: Time: Perceived   Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:11 pm

During the loop of thoughts that lead to this post, I covered so many different forum categories there was no place to really put this! I decided to go here, because the theory of using time perception as a mental form of time travel is a real theory, and quite fantastic. First, an example of perceived time travel, taken from the wiki article: Time Dilation.
This particular is known as 'Relative Velocity Time Dilation.'
"When two observers are in relative uniform motion and uninfluenced by
any gravitational mass, the point of view of each will be that the
other's (moving) clock is ticking at a slower rate than the local
clock. The faster the relative velocity, the greater the magnitude of
time dilation. This case is sometimes called special relativistic time
dilation. It is often interpreted as time "slowing down" for the other
(moving) clock. But that is only true from the physical point of view of
the local observer, and of others at relative rest (i.e. in the local
observer's frame of reference).
The point of view of the other observer will be that again the local
clock (this time the other clock) is correct and it is the distant
moving one that is slow. From a local perspective, time registered by
clocks that are at rest with respect to the local frame of reference
(and far from any gravitational mass) always appears to pass at the same

Make sense? Yeah, sorta. When I first heard about this theory, it involved an experiment wherein Einstein stood in one spot with watch in hand, and his assistant walked around him in a circle while holding a watch. According to supposed results, Einstein's watch actually progressed slower and the two perfectly set watches were not perfectly set at the end.

That said, I move on to late 70s (???) movie 'Somewhere In Time,' starring Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour...and filmed on Mackinaw Island, mostly at the Grand Hotel! Reeves's character is presented with evidence that he had been at his present age roughly 80 years previous, and after talking to some scholarly types, he tries a theory wherein he surrounds himself with everything he can from that time period (clothes, money, his room at the hotel, the furniture...) and forces himself to believe he's in 1912 or some such (because he already had proof it wasn't too difficult). WHOOSH...time his sleep. He forces his subconscious to believe, and while he's sleeping, his subconscious does a mental wormhole thing or...hell it was a romantic sci-fi period piece...they didn't really explain the science. It's a good movie, slow, but good.

My point? In the music forum I've been talking about the audio player I use for playing mp3s on windows, and explaining how I found a plugin to make my crystal clear mp3s sound like vinyl albums. Cool, albums...flashback!!! Now, we all know some of our less relied upon senses sometimes create stronger memories for us than just looking with our mind's eye. Music has an awesome ability to make hi-fi memories instantly. Smells, getting a whiff of a certain spaghetti sauce and it smells just like mom used to make...and suddenly you're 5 again. Memory, senses, perceptions of time.

Last night I finally got around to testing that plugin with decent speakers (instead of standard laptop). I used my super 3d-surround rumble effect gaming headphones, old school with thick HUGE pads going all the way around the ear and cancelling pretty much any outside noise. I was cranking anything that popped into my mind, just hearing the difference. That plugin sounds even better with decent output!!! Then I decided to see if The Beatles sounded like The Beatles on vinyl I grew up with. I fired up 'Hey Jude,' closed my eyes, and within about 15 seconds everything just clicked. I had the plugin set for a low warp, lots of dust, very little electrical noise, and one semi-deep scratch, and 33 1/3 album size (actually timed the scratches on 33 and 45 and they got it right!!!). So everything just clicked, must've scratched and hummed exactly or something...eyes closed and relying on ears, I SMELLED the electric ozone-y smell my dad's old turntable used to put out. OMG.... I wasn't 5 again, but dammit I knew that turntable was right in front of me. I could hear it and smell it. WOW.

After getting done with my music, it occurred to me that hopefully the smell wasn't actually my laptop starting to bake.

As experiments go, it wasn't an experiment. I was just trying to hear vinyl, but it worked nice. So, what other tactics can we use to screw with time-space using ears and nose?

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PostSubject: Re: Time: Perceived   Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:36 pm

Create the opposite of a sensory deprivation chamber, coupled with hypnotic suggestion. By creating an atmosphere in which the participant believes he is in the past, and then by adding stimuli to re-enforce that belief, then he will perceive things to be true... his mind will be in the past.

Compare this with remote viewing, where the viewer throws his conscious into a different location, where he can have all five of his senses in play; he is able to accurately describe his surroundings, hear conversation, read, feel temperatures... all without being seen (or, for that matter, being able to physically interact). Remote viewing is a proven technique, and has been heavily studied by the CIA and our Soviet counter-parts.

Now, I ask you to compare conscious time travel with remote viewing because, believe it or not, remote viewing has been used to check the validity of past events, as well as providing an ability to see if a proposed plan has any merit. One is able to time travel with remote viewing, but again, there is a lack of physical interaction, as all you are doing is "viewing". You yourself do not travel (physical or time wise), but are rather watching a movie. Please note that, with remote viewing, the more into the future you go, the less accurate things may seem; this is only because the futher away from the singularity (the present) you go, the more things are liable to change. This involves the whole quantum mechanics thing.

As a side note, remote viewing has also been used in conjecture with extraterrestrials; there's a lot of stuff on the internet about this, and I don't want to detract from this thread.

On a side side note, watch the movie Subject Zero, as it is a great movie detailing remote viewing... there's even a documentary on the DVD detailing how to remote view!

(astral travel may be seen as a form of remote viewing, BUT remote viewing has been financied by the government, whereas astral travel tends to fall to the wayside).

Quantum mechanics is also a great place to start when one wants to discuss time travel, so to speak, with one exception: you can't travel back in time. Quantum mechanics does, however, allow one to side step one universe for another. Where there is ever a decision, or the possibility of change, the universe splits, allowing for the existance of all choices. In this universe, I married Mrs Soothsayer, but in another, I didn't, or I married someone else, or or or. Multiply that one event a hundred-fold, and you have the basis for a quantum multiverse. Now suppose that I don't want to be with Mrs Soothsayer anymore... according to quantum physics, I should be able to "jump" into a differeing path where I didn't, and live my life accordingly.

You may be able to travel to a universe where the Nazis are still in power, or the dinosaurs still exist, but you wouldn't be able to travel back in time to meet your great grand parents. Because energy cannot be lost, only transferred, you can only travel to a point in which you exist.

However, in a universe where anything can happen, why not time travel? Let's go back to my initial idea, with hypnosis and sensory enforcements... as long as the person believes he is in the past, who's to say he isn't? We do this with past-life regressions, afterall... tapping into the past with one mind. If past life regression is true, then it is very possible for you to go back into a form that you once inhabited.

And finally, as I'm on past lives...

Look at the game Assassin's Creed. The main character... scratch that... there are essentially two main characters: the one going through regression, and the person from the past whom the preson from the present is reliving memories. Err, that doesn't make sense. Let me try it this way.

Assassin's Creed touches upon genetic memory (look it up! cool stuff!) By use of technology, a person in the present is able to relive an ancestor's life. He may not be able to alter anything, may not be able to interact with things differently, he is just reliving events. One may be able to go back via this method, but again, there's no interaction other than what your ancestor experienced.


Umm, what was the question again?
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Time: Perceived
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