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 CCW: vacuus intelligendo, vereor (DISCUSSION)

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PostSubject: CCW: vacuus intelligendo, vereor (DISCUSSION)   Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:02 pm

vacuus intelligendo, vereor will be a simple collective writing project. There's only going to be one theme... magic versus technology, folk lore and legend versus modern society. Think of this as being a collection of short stories instead of one long continuous one. Each entry would be a self contained story, unless that specific author entitles it as a "part one" or something; a second part or follow up does not have to be directly behind the first part, allowing for anyone to make a story and submit it whenever, without the worries of ruining something. Also, if there be a character or situation in which it seems more could be told, anyone should freely take that up; heck, there very well may be times where something can only be told from various perspectives.

I know that this may not necessarily fit with the whole collaboration aspect of things, but I didn't want to keep this idea to myself. If it lands up that way, then that's fine, too.

Do not look at the first entry of vacuus intelligendo, vereor as being anything other than what it is: an introduction, creating the setting, the time frame.

And, as far as what this should all cover, it doesn/t matter. Horror, occult, religious, mystery, drama, whatever. Anyone who has read literary collections should know that each story contained is unique onto itself. They cover all genres, while maintaining that same common thread.

With that in mind, there isn't a need for a discussion thread for the purposes of discussing plots or direction... let's leave this open for suggestions, praise, and comments! Writers can only grow with feedback, afterall.
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CCW: vacuus intelligendo, vereor (DISCUSSION)
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