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 Life imitates movie, a study shows

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PostSubject: Life imitates movie, a study shows   Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:02 pm

In 2006, the world did not see the movie Idiocracy, a movie in which society devolves, where everything is run and operated by morons and idiots, and where the most intelligent person alive is considered "average" by today's standards. Why is this? The movie starts off with a narration, one which explains how Darwin had it wrong, that it ins't the fitest will survive; smart people, educated people, hold off on having children, or have one, maybe two, whereas the poor, the unintelligent, the idiots will breed and pop out kids like no body's business. In idiocracy the dumb people simply outbred the smart.

Well guess what.

There was a recent study released which mirros that movie. Dumb people are outbreeding the smart. There is a population downfall occuring. The study sites several factors for this, one of which is economic uncertainty; essentially, the smart ones either don't want their children growing up in a crashing market or they themselves are uncertain if they can afford to raise children with the way things are.

You know, of all the movies out there that life could imitate, why'd it have to be Idiocracy?
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Life imitates movie, a study shows
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