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 Gallery is up!

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PostSubject: Gallery is up!   Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:33 am

Greets from Admin! Just letting you all know the Gallery seems to be working correctly. We only have 1 actual category right now, called Tanks, and it's where we plan to post pics of our tank gaming and
armored vehicles we like. We will add more categories as the need arises, so if you want to post something in the public galleries and need a category, drop a note in the requests forum and we'll see what we can do! What I really want to mention here is the "personal albums."

On the gallery main page, there is a table showing the categories (one right now). UNDER that table, there are two links for "user personal albums" and "your personal album." When you click the user link, it takes you to a view just like the main gallery page, but only show all users personal albums (personal albums do NOT show up on the main gallery page).

When you click "your personal album" for the first time, it will tell you your album has not been created, and do you want to create one. Create it, and upload your pics! It's that simple! The user albums are set up so that you, as album creator, can add pics without waiting for approval, and can moderate your own album. IF that doesn't work properly, let an admin know right away so we can fix the permission system!

OH...also wanted to point out, aside from commenting on images, there is also a rating system for the gallery. Ratings add to a members points, which don't really do anything...yet. There has been discussion about having points mean something in the real world, and that's all the details I will give about that right now. Just remember to rate your fellow members' pics!

Technical details: Your pics must be 1MB or less in file size, with a max resolution of 1280x1024pixels. Acceptable file types I saw in the list are BMP, JPG, GIF, and PNG.

Important note: This forum is hosted on a free forum host. For free they give us 20MB of storage space for the gallery. Since most regular pics are pretty small, this is okay. BUT, if this becomes awesome, and people share pics, and we get close to the 20MB limit...then we will have to consider lowering the max file size or requesting donations. This gallery is NOT a requirement for pics, as you can still always link to pics in your posts. I will soon be checking if linked images are allowed in the gallery.

RULES: This free forum host has a major dead-set rule: NO PORNOGRAPHY. I'm okay with that, and I'm sticking to that...and so are you. I do however respect the difference between art and porn. If you upload some fantasy/sci-fi masterpiece with bare breasts or something, I'll allow it as long as the free forum site doesn't say anything. If you share a camera-phone-in-the-bathroom-mirror of your "junk," I will remove it and warn you not to do it again. If you do it again...well... The same goes for anything blatantly designed to be...hmmm...I will call it "forced erotica." Okay, how about this: playboy=bad...maxim=we'll see...erotic art (Royo, Soroyama, Bisley)=okay in my book.
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PostSubject: Re: Gallery is up!   Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:41 pm

In old country, we had no pictures of tanks. In old country, there was being a tank in every village.

You are saying that we cannot be sharing in the girly nakedness pictures. If anyone is liking pictures of goats, let me knowing. I have had several in old country and would like to be sharing.
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Gallery is up!
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