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 Arty rush!

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PostSubject: Arty rush!   Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:53 pm

Study the pic. Me and quiet-something (the other arty) have decided to rush the base. We just took out 2 medium tanks at close range on our run across the map. We had this. This shot was taken when I saw our impending success...about 3 minutes before we LOST. Shocked

About 10 seconds after this shot, the one remaining enemy tank took our base. My plan? Get all 4 of our tanks on the base. One of our dead teammates CAP-types "NO! M3 SCOUT HIM QUICK...SO ARTY CAN GET HIM!" I explain that I don't have range, and would take too long to reposition, we MUST capture the base. He responds: "GET TO MIDDLE OF MAP!!! THEN YOU HAVE RANGE!!!" By this time, me and the other arty are in the enemy base. Every message the dead guy and I sent, the M3 light tank would turn around...obviously couldn't make his own mind up. He finally took off across the map at high speed.

Dead guy says "ARTY GO WITH HIM! IF WE CAP WE LOSE!" I look at base and other arty have ALMOST tied up, and our base counter is increasing at twice the speed of the other guys (cuz we have two tanks in there)...then ugh...our counter slows way down...WTF?! Oh, other arty left the base to go chasing after the M3. Suddenly the base scores get to 85-35 in his favor. NOW our tank destoryer shows up, and our counter starts screaming again...maybe...if the M3 and arty can do enough damage to make his counter close....and suddenly the red text...M3 is dead...our base is 97% taken...and our arty has no target. almost seems childish to get soooo pissed at a video game.....but OMG!!! If that M3 had sat there doing circles in real combat: BOOM. I guess that's why there's actually a chain of command in real militaries! ( I need a saluting smiley...HEY ADMIN...saluting smiley please?)

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PostSubject: Re: Arty rush!   Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:01 pm

You wouldn't believe how many times that same type of situation occurs.... Right away, you have all of Patton's grand kids barking orders to everyone else. Very frustrating indeed!!! Even when they die, they are still flapping their traps. If they see you die via 'over watching', they yell about your tactics.... UGH!!!! Evil or Very Mad

And then the Noobs, who don't know what to do.... ack!!! Face Slap
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Arty rush!
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