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 Dishonored (the video game)

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PostDishonored (the video game)

First and foremost, there will be absolutely no spoilers. The main reason for me doing this is just so I can express my utter dissatisfaction of what I experienced so far.

For the last few days I have been wrapping my thoughts around trying to use Blender and Unity, although not at the same time yet. I'm trying to figure out all of the intricacies of vectors, vertices and collision meshes. So, needless to say, anything 3d video game related is being viewed by myself as 3d models.

I'm seeing how the terrain, the ground I am walking on is nothing but a plane that has been sculpted up/down. The other objects, either buildings, gates or barrels are just 3d models which were placed there for a purpose or just as filler. I'm seeing a sewer gate that is buried in the sand as being a rhombus with bent cylinders parented to it being placed just below the surface of the plane mentioned above, (not being buried at all). I look at a crane, I examine it closer in game and see just how it was made. Anchor points in blocks of concrete.... I can do that! Build a crane? I can do that too!

I can see where action triggers are being placed for interactivity of objects. I can see where they are being placed so the mesh changes color and 'glows' denoting that I can pick that object up. I'm seeing all of this while in game.

Now all of this is very cool to me. I know that I am way behind the curve in comparison to Shadow and Sooth, but this is really neat! I can see it all now. Maybe not everything, but what I can see now is interesting indeed....


I've played Dishonored for almost 1.5 hours now. I have no fucking clue what's going on, I don't really remember what anyone has said and I don't know what to do, unless I keep looking in my quest log... *sigh*

The good enshrouded with the bad.......

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Dishonored (the video game)

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