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Early this morning I was dreaming. This is all I remembered because it woke me up..

I was in the back of a dump truck. Soothsayer was driving a semi. The semi was pushing the dump truck at a high rate of speed and I couldn't stop it, (I could somehow control the truck from the back). The brakes were locked tight on the dump truck but I wasn't slowing down. I was pushed over a hill, the semi backing down now and I was zooming past everything. The dump truck went off a small ramp, but with the speed I was going, the dump truck was airborne.

*sense of flying, then weightlessness, then of falling*

The dump truck landed squarely on all 4(6?) tires and bounced a few times, still going very fast heading into some woods.

*woke up*

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Dreams.... :: Comments

Re: Dreams....
Post on Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:29 pm by soothsayer
Dr Soothsayer say...

Going by the symbolism here, of: I pushing you, your lack of control, falling, and then the woods, I make the following assumption.

Have you ever felt that I was forcing you to do things, especially on how you live your life? One could see that in my pushing you. With you hard on the brakes, you could be seeking to end the struggle. However, it got to the point where it seems as if you had no more control, and it was only at that point were you able to get away.

Then again, I could be completely wrong.

How about this: There is something you had to do / had to go, and the only way you could reach that destination was by force. You don't want to go, but now you have no choice.

Either way, I am forcing you towards something, to make you see something or to do something (pushing you with the truck / you looking to me to push you in a direction). You are trying your best not to (you say the brakes are to the floor) and that you feel as if you have no control (sitting in back of truck, away from controls) but in fact you DO have control (you said as much), you're just struggling against it. The hill or ledge or whatever, along with the jump, isn't anything other than the dream saying something drastic just happened. You obviously came out of the event fine (you landed, you never feel from the truck, you're still alive in the dream). And lastly, the woods... what's in there? The woods can be used as shelter, as a provider, and as a place to hide something; no matter what, it is now up to you to enter that woods and find out what it is you are meant to find.


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