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 Gripes and rants

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PostGripes and rants

Oh yes, a centralized place for some of my Evil or Very Mad . What am I bitching about now? Playstation 3 updates... again. I just spent some time painting a tiny little picture, or at least I started the details on it. I needed a break, and some Netflix seemed like just the thing! Fire up the Netflix... there is a software update required to sign in. Please exit and update your system software. I just wanted to watch a frickin show!!! Now here's 10-20 minutes wasted...

So, fire up the update. Skim through the EULA to make sure there's nothing about a human centipede in there (oh you poor souls that don't at least keep up on the goings on in South Park), and tell it to update already! Oh yeah, update details. This update will allow your trophy area to display trophies from your Playstation Vita! WOOHOO! Oh, AND your trophy area has been moved from the games section to the PS Network area. WOW!!!

So, I have to wait to watch my frickin shows/movies, because I'm being forced to get an update for a handheld device I will probably never own!

SONY: "Oh, but Mr. TheCrunch, your friends might get a Vita!"

ME: "And if I don't own one, will I really give a fuck if I can see their Vita trophies?! Evil or Very Mad "

SONY (in a collective consciousness voice): Sigh... "He just doesn't understand the glory of the many...*"

ME: "I understand if I'm being forced to use your Vita corrupted software, that means my PS3 should come with a Vita as a free accessory! I'm waiting..."

*Another wasted reference... It's 2012. EVERYBODY should have gotten at least THAT far in System Shock 2!

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Gripes and rants :: Comments

Re: Gripes and rants
Post on Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:55 pm by soothsayer
There are some updates that I can't imagine why they are required to have, stupid little icon changes or placements or TV features.

What they should do is have, within the Playstation Store, an area called Updates. Inside they can have all the various updates, and have it so you can download what you want, ignoring the rest. At least Microsoft has that much right!

Have you seen the "new" PS Youtube feature? What a piece of crap! What was wrong with the old Youtube format?!

Soothsayer Jr Mk II got stuck downloading the update the other day, and he wasn't too thrilled to find out it was just to move the Trophy list. Myself, I thought it was funny because usually the kids will ignore the download and go straight to the a game, making me then waste my time with the download Ha-ha, not so this time!

And yeah, I love how the PS will screw you over with Netflix. How is one dependant on the other is beyond my understanding.
Re: Gripes and rants
Post on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:12 am by Shadowcrunch
Oh you dirty dirty bitches! I'm looking at YOU, runners of the site which gives away commercial software for free every day (giveawayoftheday_duh_com)!

So I've been downloading the give away every day since Saturday, as it's been some damn nice stuff, starting with Twisted Brush. Today I thumbed Twisted Brush to put on my laptop, since I have a nice activation key provided for the give away. Get this, I start installing and a box pops up saying "we're sorry, the activation period for this software has expired. Please check Giveawayoftheday_dicks_com for the latest free commercial release." I did check it, and the give away today is NOT Twisted Brush for my laptop!!!

Yeah, so I checked the windows explorer replacement I got Monday or Tuesday. Activation expired. Checked the game I got from I got a few days ago. Activation expired. Rotten bastards!!! So, you have to download the software AND activate on the same day!!! Well played, pricks. I'm sure if a person does try to activate on two different systems on the same day, you probably have a smart-ass answer for that too!

Hmmmm... since I got an activation key from the makers of Twisted Brush themselves, maybe if I download the demo straight from them, which won't have the GOTD activation period, perhaps the key will work? I will have to try it, but I have a feeling it will fail.... Sad
Re: Gripes and rants
Post on Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:23 pm by Shadowcrunch
Was just going through a blog from 2008 I completely forgot I had been writing articles for. Found one that made me chuckle cuz it's an argument I started (it was a draft so I never published it...never finished it either, but oh well) but forgot all about. Now that I read it, it still makes sense, we're still idiots (I say so in the article) and now I will share it!

The title of this article was 'Movie Pirates'

""Lot of crazy stories popping up lately about movie and video game piracy. The government commissions the FCC to work up a plan to increase broadband connectivity, and Paramount Pictures tries to force the FCC to include measures allowing movie studios more control over watching every little thing you do on the web. Why? Apparently over five million people watched the new Star Trek movie on various websites. Last night I was thinking about that story, and I had a minor jolt of lucid thought. Go with me on this...

It is illegal to copy movies. Yeah, we know that. But let's focus on TV for a minute. Unless you have access to decent signals with a regular antenna, you're paying a monthly fee for cable or satellite. TV networks give us free entertainment and education by selling time to advertisers, who then interrupt our viewing with commercials. Those commercials are the reason we don't pay the networks individually for our shows. With me so far?

To clarify: chain restaurant ABC knows that people who watch the XYZ network really enjoy chicken, and ABC just came out with a new chicken dinner. ABC pays to make a commercial, and pays network XYZ money to show that commercial every twenty minutes during prime time. XYZ makes enough money from the sale of that time that they can pay the studio for creating the shows. If there were no commercials, we would have to pay those studio costs. Look at the premium cable movie channels as an example. We are forced to watch commercials in return for free shows, so it's a win-win situation.

So why is it.... You go rent a movie on DVD. You pay cash and take a disc home. Or hell, maybe you run to the local "mart" and buy the damn thing, paying cash to take the disc home. 99% of the time, what happens when you slip that disc into the player? Yep, commercials of upcoming movies. They call them trailers and previews, I call them advertisements. Some movies even have commercials for TV shows! We're okay with it because we're getting a sneak peek at new films. But you know what? We're idiots!

We just paid money to watch a movie, commercial free, and they sneak in some commercials anyway! Nowhere on any of my DVDs is there a disclaimer saying that I'm buying or renting a film and commercials....unfini""
Re: Gripes and rants
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Gripes and rants

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