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 custom Tau, Viper

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PostSubject: custom Tau, Viper   Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:50 pm

If you've read my first custom tau report, you may have asked yourself, "Self, where did he get the Colonial Viper pilot head?" If you didn't read that report, go back and read it, and then ask yourself the aforementioned question.

Now then, as to where I got the head from, why, from a Colonial Viper model, of course! Scale is 1/35. I liked this model because, hell, it's a Viper! and with its smooth configuration, i thought it would look nicely as a Tau model. Granted, I can't play it as such (or can I... hmmm), but it does make for an interesting piece.

And the best part? This was my simpliest conversion EVER. So what did I do?

1. Added two shield generators, granting the +4 Invulnerability save, located between the engines.
2. removed the Vipers laser cannons and replaced them with Burst Cannons. Why have one shot when you can have three?
3. Hollowed out the nose cone and fitted twin-linked fusion blasters; but, for the sake of the model, and to justify the lenght of the craft, they will be used as rail cannons.
4. Instead of the Colonial Viper pilot, I have a Tau Stealth Warrior in the driver's seat; i thought the suit looked more convincing.

I've been thinking of adding some missile pods, but can't figure out where to mount them. Perhaps I'll add a hatch and place some seeker missiles, or just say there's a hatch.

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custom Tau, Viper
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