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 Day in the Life

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PostDay in the Life

I am restructuring my little corner of things, combining everything into one thread. Seems rather silly to me to create a new thread whenever I get a new thought. And, by placing everything within one title, why, not only is it good to manage, but it's also good for the environment!

So then, this here post is the opener. Everything that follows is what came before. Until something new comes along, then that will follow that which came before which had followed this.

If anyone is wishing to make a comment or reply on an earlier post, please make reference of which post that is. Unlike other blogs, I don't think this one is capable of have further posts on something that has already come and gone, ever branching.

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Day in the Life :: Comments

Re: Day in the Life
Post on Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:27 am by soothsayer
Saving Money with Soothsayer
part four, continued

Put up my 60 mile radius omni directional HD antenna last night, and I am able to pick up 14 channels; if I had a longer range antenna, according to TV Guide, I could get a whopping 26 channels. Anyway, just writing to say that this antenna does work, and so now I just test it by checking reception at various times of day and night to see if anything pixelates or becomes unwatchable... but after a few hours last night, things are looking good.

If you are familiar with HD broadcasts, you'll know that a station will broadcast multiple channels. As an example, FOX 11 broadcasts 11.1, 11.2, and 11.3. .1 is the normal channel, .2 is similar to TV Land, and .3 plays short videos.

So anyway, I'm picking up 14 channels, which is five more than what I was getting with the "basic local package" through our cable provider. I may not be getting the exact channels... no QVC or C-Span, for instance... but I'm picking up the main local stations and PBS, as well as those "extra" channels, so it's good.

Gail asked me if I was making the switch to Sling TV right away, but I told her I wanted to check reception on the antenna first. If everything is good, I'll cancel my cable service and use that monthly amount for Sling; this way, there's no money lost, everything breaks even.

So where's the savings in breaking even? I could argue that the savings would be in the service fees or communications taxes, or even prospective future cost increases. Of course, that doesn't mean Sling won't at some point increase their rates; after all, Netflix went from $8.99 to $10 a month after a few years. But in keeping with that example, a one dollar increase every few years is a lot easier to cope with than a five or ten dollar increase every couple years.

Another "cut the cable" savings I'm still working on is the cable modem rental. I don't know if anyone has been following that on Facebook, but I bought my own cable modem, to which the cable provider refused to activate due to security issues on their network, but they'ed be more than happy to sell me the one I'm currently using for $80, or a brand new one for $100. After checking online prices, I can buy a brand new one, same make and model, for between $35 and $60 dollars. I told my provider as such, to which they stated they would not activate those modems due to them being third party, and as such, a posed security risk to their network (even though they are the same make and model). I went ahead and shared with my provider a few different court cases and regulations put forth by the FCC stating that they can not prevent a consumer from buying and utilizing a modem obtained from a source not affiliated with that provider, as long as that device does not pose a risk to the network. Since I'd be obtaining the same make and model modem, there'd be no risk.

After going back and forth these past couple days, the provider contacted me to say they have frozen the rental fee until their legal department checks things out. So either way, I'm no longer paying rental fees. I cannot wait to see what their legal department's findings are on this.

So yeah, as reported in the post above, between Netflix / internet / Sling, our entertainment cost for the month will be about $70 a month, as compared to local package / internet / Netflix which is about $78 a month.

Day in the Life

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