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 Android and the internet

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PostSubject: Android and the internet   Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:46 pm

There are times I really hate the internet and it's VAST storehouse of bullshit. Much like a forum I'm familiar with, why can't the internet automatically archive stuff if it's over a certain age? Or just not being updated? And since I started researching Android, in hopes of getting a tablet at some point, this problem has been thrown in my face WAY more often. It's not just the internet, but I'm starting to believes it's the idiot bloggers out there!

As exhibit A, I offer the google search for "best android apps for making music". Oh, there's results! Several of them are tricky, and don't give a date on the google search results preview. Some actually let you know the result is from 2012. One even tells me the article is from September 2012! Much better!

But how about:
"The best Android music making apps in the world today | MusicRadar" from September 7, 2010??? If it says 'today' in the frickin headline, it should go the fuck away two years later!

"Android music making app round-up | MusicRadar" May 26, 2011. I'm sure all of the apps herein are probably still available for the same prices and such. Nobody changes software or raises prices in a year and a half...

"Top 10 Music-Making Apps for Android" Aug.19, 2011. Same as above.

"The Ultimate Android App Guide for Musicians | Android.AppStorm" June 10, 2011. OOH! The ULTIMATE GUIDE! For anybody who can get the time travel app to work without force closing! WOWEE!!!

Seriously, at least google should filter shit by date or something. This is getting damn near ridiculous!

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Android and the internet
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