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 The hydrodynamual fratistat isn't working!

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PostSubject: The hydrodynamual fratistat isn't working!   Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:36 am

IT HelpDesk Job Ticket #1

Vader PM'd me about a potential bug report last night. Based on the issue, I was leaning towards either a setting that may have gotten changed somewhere, or a problem with the new topic icons. I tried replicating the problem Vader described, using various methods, and was unable to get the bug to occur. However, I will say that it is very possible the new topic icons are causing the problem. I have heard other reports of issues, and mention of the new icons just not being aesthetically pleasing. I myself have had some problems with the new icons once or twice, and every time I browse the forum on my cell phone.

As everyone knows, the ultimate goal is to go 100% custom artwork on the forum. I'm a long way off, and it will be a long work in progress. My plan with the icons was to go much smaller than we had, allowing our topic/category rows to shrink down vertically, making a much more uniform look. I also wanted something neutral for any darkish background. Something got screwed up in translation somewhere, and it's not just the animated ones. SO, until I figure out one of four other options, I will be trying various topic icon packs from other people, and hopefully we can find a temporary happy medium until the day I can have the whole board looking snazzy...

And, since I just had a thought about testing Vader's problem, TO THE PM-MOBILE!

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The hydrodynamual fratistat isn't working!
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