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 Scribbles and stuff...

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PostSubject: Scribbles and stuff...   Scribbles and stuff... EmptyWed Jan 16, 2013 4:57 pm

I recently was informed on "that other forum" that the software GiveAwayOfTheDay was Twisted Brush version 17. I had toyed with an older version, but easily got overwhelmed... but this was FREE. I downloaded it. Vader downloaded it. It was too late at night to inform the Soothsayer. Crying or Very sad Sorry man...

So, my first real test run of the 600+ brushes (like I said, overwhelming) was deleted from my PC's memory by mine own hand. HA! Take that, Vader! Oh, and "you're not my Father!" (insert Wilhelm Scream here)

My next real attempt at a test run of the 600+ brushes looks like:

Scribbles and stuff... Summer

I plan to add updates to my Twisted Brush experiments here, as well as anything else neat I manage to throw together as "experiments" in Blender or GIMP or whatever. As Vader has Twisted Brush also, I think maybe we can persuade him to post an experimental pic or two. C'mon everyone, let's give Vader a hand and see if he won't offer us some artistic creation! Crap... the clapping smiley is on "that other forum". Why the hell don't we have a clapping smiley?!

Scribbles and stuff... Gurren10
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Scribbles and stuff...
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