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 Anime Reviews

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PostSubject: Anime Reviews   Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:01 am

I watch a fair amount of anime.  In fact, it can probably be said that each of us watches a fair amount of anime.  We tell each other about what we watched, what's good, what we recommend...  and a couple have even shared some anime with the rest of us.

So instead of creating a thread every time we come across something new, I've done this, yet another "soothsayer reviews" thread, open to all, dedicated to anime!

To start things off, I will give a brief on a series I just started (and finished) yesterday.

Rin ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~

full_rating full_rating full_rating full_rating full_rating full_rating full_rating half_rating empty_rating empty_rating 

Contains adult language, animated violence, nudity, sexual situations

I liked this anime.  Can't say if I really liked it or not, but I know I liked it.  Though the individual elements contained were nothing new, the way they were combined and the story they told were.  This is a unique story, one worth watching.

The description on Netflix is misleading.  
Quote :
Follow the extraordinary exploits of Rin Asogi, an immortal private detective with incredible fighting skills, a brilliant mind and a shadowy past, as she repeatedly perishes and comes back to life while taking odd jobs and fighting fearsome foes.
Though that stuff does happen, it makes it sound rather... cheesy. The story is so much more!  I won't go into the details, because I really don't know if all of us have watched this or not (I believe 'crunch has).  I just want to say that the series is six episodes long, with each episode lasting roughly 45 minutes, so as far as anime go, this one is pretty short; another thing is that it is all within these six episodes, there is no second season...  if you watch it on Netflix, you will not have to worry about missing something.

The series isn't exactly kid friendly, as there are several sex scenes (lesbian and straight), numerous nudity shots (although not gratuitous or as bad as other anime) and some scenes of morbidity.  Characters do die, which is not surprising given the fact as to when each episode takes place (they don't all occur in the present) and given the nature of Rin.

While Gunslinger Girl remains my favorite anime, this one would have to be one of my favorites, mainly due to the story's uniqueness.  I've rated it at 7 1/2 because I do have some issues, which I will post below as hidden spoilers.

Spoiler One:

Spoiler Two:
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Anime Reviews
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