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 Demon Masters

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PostSubject: Demon Masters   Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:38 am

Demon Masters
(working title only)

Saturday morning I awoke from a dream, with visions of a story floating around my head. But, with further reflection, I thought that this would make for a rather cool gaming idea, whether that game be CCG or computer (but for simplicity, let's stick to CCG). This game incorporates aspects of a few different games, but is blended in (I hope) a unique manner). I haven't worked out a lot of the details yet, and there will be a lot of jumping back and forth in the description here as more details come to mind as I type this.

This is the premise.

Quote :
You are a Demon Master, and you are in charge of an army of demons that you are training so that you can conquer the realm. There are other Demon Masters who wish the same thing, and so you battle to not only remove threats to your seizing of power, but to make your demons stronger.

There are five main categories of demons, each with their own strengths and weaknesses: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. These categories are further broken down into sub-categories, but more on that in a bit.

To ensure that the realm is not devastated by an ever growing surge of mystic energy, each Master has agreed to combat with a limit of one demon. These demons must be of the lowest rank. Leveling or empowering your demon, winning, is an indication as to how powerful and wise the Master is in his training abilities.


Any demon from any element can use any ability from any element, there would just be differing degrees of effectiveness. For example, lay out the elements in a pentagram shape.

We'll start with 2. Elements 1 and 3 are neutral to 2, no bonus or hindrance. 4 is weak to 2, so 2 gains a bonus to attacking or defending against 4. 5 is strong to 2, so 2 has a weakness to attacks and defense towards 5. Easy enough!

2 can use the abilities of any other element (except 5), but the bonus would be zero for 1 and 3, plus 1 from 4 and zero from 5 (can't use those abilities). The gain from 4 can be reasoned as 2 knows the secrets of 4 inside and out, and the zero from 5 is because it is totally unrelated to anything 2 has an understanding of.

You can have a side deck of "evolved" forms of the demon. These would replace your demon when certain requirements are met. Those requirements could be when certain enchantments are placed on the demon or whatever. Evolved demon pictures would be different, and would have a different set of stats or natural abilities.

Certain enchantments or powers or abilities can only work on certain demonic evolutions.

Mana generation would actually be named souls, so it would be soul generation, and is generated in two ways. Instead of land cards, you would have Sacrifices. You play them as lands, but they do not tap or anything, you have them hostage as it were. Only when you need a boost of energy do you sacrifice them (place them in graveyard). You gain energy based on the number and type of card sacrificed. Each demon card also has a number on it indicating how much energy it can generate each turn. Since it is the demon that is feeding off of the souls of the sacrificed, the demon can take those sacrifices to heal itself. This is good in that the demon can live longer, but bad in that it robs you of your energy for more powerful abilities.

There are no global enchantments or targeting spells. This is a game based strictly around the demon and in giving that creature abilities!

Side / evolution deck, main deck (containing abilities and sacrifices), demon card. So far, so good.

The ability cards to not get placed on or under the demon, you won't be able to see all of them. So instead, you set them up in front of or behind the demon, whichever works for you. That way, all your abilities can be seen by you and by your opponent. And again, some abilities can only work if certain requirements have been met; as an example, meteor strike can only work if the demon has an understanding of brimstone or whatever. Also, certain level abilities may not work on your demon. Going by the above pentagram...

2 can use all three levels of 2 abilities, two levels of 1 and 3, base level of 4, and no level of 5.


It may look as if the game does not involve the Demon Master at all, but it does. You have studied the demon, know what it is capable of, and have prepared a training that will make it as powerful as it can be. The game can be expanded so that you can field up to three demons at once; it's just that they all have to take from the same sacrificial pool.

Ideas? Thoughts?
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Demon Masters
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