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 Soothsayer's fitness journal

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PostSoothsayer's fitness journal

I was initially going have 'crunch move my "getting into shape" thread into this forum, but I realized that it really wouldn't work so well as one is a regular thread and this is a blog...  the format just wouldn't be the same.  The reason for the change is that the thread has evolved from its original purpose: it went from being a group discussion / challenge to a record keeping event.  Comments are still accepted and welcome.

I am reposting the original thread, in its entirety, with some basic editing for visuals

{originally posted January 29 2012 by Soothsayer}

While having a phone conversation with shadowcrunch yesterday, I had an idea...  and it revolved around what shadowcrunch had said.

You see, he has purchased a membership for a fitness center.  Or he was thinking about it.  Or something.  I don't know, I hasn't really paying attention.  Anyway, I then mentioned that I was preparing to get in shape by using simpler means.

Now that you know that background...

I propose a challenge, one that would help motivate each of us.  We all want to lose weight and get in shape, right?  But sometimes we need a bit of incentive.  How does money sound?

For losing weight, we would have our start weight, and then our finish weight.  Divide the finish weight by the start weight, and you will get a percentage; that's how much weight you lost.  We cannot go by pounds, because let's face it, it'd be easier for a 300 pound person to lose 10 pounds than someone who weighs 190, right?  So we'd have to go by the percentage., as a percentage keeps a nice ratio going, it doesn't change because a person was fatter than an other in the beginning... it keeps track of the ratio.  300 pound person finishes at 260 equals 86%, as would a 190 pound person finishing at 165.  Fair enough, right?

Now then, what about getting into shape?  Haven't figured out how to do that...  would it be the narrowing of the gut?  I personnally like that, as I have a big gut, but really, what is getting in shape?  Losing waist?  Increasing bicep diameter?  We'll need to work out the kinks of this.

So now for the money thing...

Money gained would be in the amount of the percentage of weight lost.  Huh?  Let's take the above example of a 300 pound person.  He finishes at 260... that would put him at 86%.  100 minus 86 equals 14, OR he lost 14% of his initial weight.  If that person wins, he would then get $14 from each of the other participants.

How's that sound?  The more people we have in this, the better, but it really isn't needed.  Likewise, the monetary amount could be adjusted so that the loser pays out twice as much, instead of doing a diollar per pound, but let's be realistic about it.  All of us on here have families, we can't blow wads of money on a wager, so I feel a single dollar / pound would suffice.  It may not be a lot of money, but this really isn't about the money.

Of course, we'll need a start date / finish date.  The start date should be one where we give all people a chance to join in on this if they want (but then again, there's only two of us who really come on here, so the start could be fairly early).  Finish date should be realistic, but at the same time nothing too drawn out, ie, not a year from now; that'd let to procrastination.  OR we could do this on a month-to-month basis!  Ooo, I like that idea:  we do this for every month!  Follow me on this!

Let's say start date is Feb 1st.  The end would then be Feb 29th.  Calculate percentage lost, blah blah blah, we have a winner.  March 1st would start off a new competition, to end March whatever it is.  That way, if people want to join in, they can (but only on the first on the month).  If people want to stop, they can (but at the end of the month they are currently in).  Beginning weight would be set on the first of the month, so you can't have the 300 pound guy from month 1 say he was 300 pounds after he lost 50, know what I mean?

I like that.  I like that a lot.


Now that my train of thought has run its course, the next post is the OFFICIAL rules and times for this challenge.

{posted same day by Soothsayer}

Soothsayer's Weight Loss Challenge

1. The challenge begins on the first of every month; the first challenge starts on February 1st 2012.

2. The challenge ends on the last date of the month; the first challenge ends on February 29, 2012.

3. The challenge begins anew on the first of the next month, and repeats; when February ends, March's challenge begins

4. On the first of the month, contestants and weights should be posted on this thread. This will be done on the honor system! Be honest!

5. On the last day of the month, the contestants should post their weight, whether they have lost or not. Again, this is on the honor system!

6. Percentages will be determined by dividing the final weight by the start weight. Take that number and deduct it from 100, and that will show the percentage of weight lost.
300 pounds (start)
260 pounds (finish)
86... 100 minus 86 equals 14
14 is the percentage of weight lost

This number will be used to determine the winner.

7. Winners will be paid a cash amount to equal a dollar per pound lost, not percentage lost, to be paid by the loser(s) of that month's challenge.
300 pounds (start)
260 pounds (finish)
40 pounds lost equals a win of $40.


The first challenge begins on February 1st of 2012.

{posted on January 29 2012 by VaderXanth}

I'm all for this challenge. However, one thing that one must consider is this..

I too want to lose weight, but also gain muscle mass. I want to lose the gut, but I want to gain upper body strength. How would we incorporate weight loss if we are at the same time gaining muscle weight?

{posted on January 29 2012 by LadyLiterature}

I'd be in on this if it wasn't for the fact that NO woman would want to post her weight. Granted yes I have known three of you for half my life but egads man!

I'll have to think on this one!

{posted on January 29 2012 by Soothsayer}

Muscle mass would be a tricky one. What do we measure? We don't have access to a water tank that measures displacement. Muscle structure is different between men and women, so we can't very well measure chest and biceps... well, we could, but I don't want others to feel bad by my saying I have a 56 inch chest (and that's even before the fat).

If anyone can come up with something, that'd be great. I'm open for suggestions.

{posted January 30 2012 by Shadowcrunch}

Ow ow ow ow....

{posted January 30 2012 by Soothsayer}

Lady Lit... I can understand your hesitation. Since this is all being done on an honor system, then I suppose we could trust you to be honest about it. Or tell your hubby. Don't worry about posting it online, even though none of us knows you, since you claim to be from Alaska and all that.

Muscle mass... I will research this while at work this afternoon / evening. I'm thinking a measurement of the waist might need to be in order, along with neck... I recall having to do this while in the military, that there's a specific kind of ratio involved. Should have an answer posted tonight, tomorrow sometime.

{posted January 31 2012 by Soothsayer}

Okay, I haven't checked how to check muscle mass versus fat weight, I'll do that tomorrow.  In the mean time, whether we have other people participating as of tomorrow or not, I still am.  Don't care if I am doing this by myself or not.

Went and bought a digital scale from Wal*Mart yesterday, can accurately measure up to 350 pounds, so you know it's got to be good!  Anyway, to make this official, I weigh in at

*drum roll*

296.8 pounds.  This is with clothes on, mind you.  Blue jeans, shirt.  This will be my entry weight, since when I weigh myself, I'll probably be wearing the same thing.

In the event that muscle mass ever becomes a factor, I submit these following measurements, which may be off since I'm doing this by myself:
NECK 17.5 inches
CHEST (at widest)  49 inches
GUT (at widest)  55.75 inches
WAIST 47 inches
HEIGHT (rounded up to nearest inch) 78 inches

Now, I can understand my chest shrinking (used to be in the low 50s):  I've heard that smoking a lot actually expands your chest, something to do with your lungs trying to compensate... that's why coal miners of those who worked at bad factories had barrel chests.  Anyway, last time I had my chest measured was when I was smoking three packs of cigarettes a day, so it stands to reason that it would go back down to normal.

However, my waist kind of throws me; I wear 44/46 (in waist) pants, and they aren't tight.  Who knows?  Not me.


Just found this website, might be helpful.  You just plug in your measurements, and it gives you a calculation based on what you said.  For instance, with me, this is what it states
Quote :
Body Mass Index:   34.2  kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio:   0.71
Percent Body Fat:   41.5%
Lean Body Mass:   172.7 lb

You are overweight by 36.4 kilograms (80.1 pounds)
You need to exercise at least 30 minutes every day.
Minimum caloric requirements: 2583 Calories per day
Limit your food intake to 2195 calories per day.
to lose 2.8 pounds per month.
Your diet should contain at least 78 grams of protein per day.

This website can be found by clicking HERE.

{posted March 6 2012 by Soothsayer}

I might as well continue on this thread... gives me a sense of motivation seeing everything in print. With that said, I am reporting on my weight loss (or gain) for the month of February.

Wearing the same clothing I wore for the above post, I am happy to report that I weighed in at...

(drum roll)

285.6 pounds!

That's 11.2 pounds of fat gone (3.7% of original weight). And I didn't do to much to do it. Here is what I did: went from sucking on hard candy while I smoke my pipe to sugar-free cough drops, stopped drinking canned beverages, maybe about one fountain drink from the gas station a week (versus the one or two a day I used to do), and an effort to eat MORE meals a day (albiet smaller ones) than one large meal at the end of the day.

There are still some things I can do to improve my eating habits, and I will be starting that tomorrow. Maybe I'll start getting more physical as well, but I'm mainly trying to move in stages here; the first couple steps are just trying to get me into a better habit as far as my intake goes.

Tomorrow I will take my physical measurements and post them. Yes, that means I am continuing this challenge for the month of March.

No other takers yet?

{posted August 23, 2013 by VaderXanth}

So, over a year has passed... Where are we all now??

{posted August 26, 2013 by Soothsayer}

I've pretty much stopped doing this, or at least posting about it. Kind of made little sense, continuing posting something without response. I mean, well, like you noticed... it's been over a year, so why continue it, you know? But, ironically, I was actually planning on digging this up.

But, to answer your question, I had decided to go in a different direction by taking little steps. First was to get into the habit and routine of taking vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. Second was to quit smoking. Third was to drastically cut back my soda intake. Fourth was to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator where I work (I can now go up all six flights without dying). Fifth was to cut my food intact by half. I figure by doing things like this, one step at a time (each step was one month), my body doesn't go into shock (as it were); I didn't want to do all of this at once as my body was already accustomed to things.

The next thing I'll be doing will work on two different levels: I'll be hopefully making a bicycle powered generator. This will allow me to work on my cardio (more important than weight loss) while at the same time saves money.

*A bicycle generator is essentially a bike with the rear tire off; a belt going from the rear rim to an alternator; alternator feeds an AC/DC converter; a power trip plugs into the converter. You can charge up numerous devices while at the same time playing a portable DVD player. Think about it: beside charging your devices, you could remove the battery from a PS3 controller and hook it up to the power strip (with modification)... exercise so you can play!

{posted January 23 2013 by Soothsayer}

Okay, decided to continue this thread... keeping it as a "journal" more or less. I figure, if I work on this then it may make me more motivated to do that.

Looking back, I completely forgot about the bicycle generator. May have to check into that again. I've been saving my money for a four day excursion to Devil's Lake this summer, but I think, if the price is right, I can afford this. I've already got the weight bench set up in the basement, along with my old Dell computer that runs on XP (15 years old, but it still plays Pandora, Youtube and Netflix with no problems) to keep my entertained... so why not a bike? AND, if anyone you know has any of the components I need (that they aren't using anymore), I'd be happy to take them off their hands. Even pay for the parts, too!

Okay, let's see... where am I now? Back in December, first week of December actually, I quit drinking soda. For the most part. Went two / three weeks without soda, but then started to drink one soda during my lunch breaks. Yeah, it's technically cheating, but I did cut back by a lot. Now, I only have a soda maybe, maybe, two or three times a week. Working on it, trying to make it all go away. Supplemented my soda intact with bottled non-soda drinks, such as Fuze (mixed berry or sweet tea), Hi C Fruit Punch, or Gatorade.

Has this helped at all? Yes, kind of. The digital scale I bought from Wal*Mart a long time ago wouldn't register my weight anymore; I was too heavy. I have no idea what the maximum weight allowance on that scale is, so don't ask... I just know I was over the limit. Weighed myself a couple weeks ago, and lo and behold, it registered my weight! I'm still way beyond my ideal weight (by a hundred pounds), but the thing is, cutting back / removing soda has started to have an impact.

Now, I am going forward with my next phase: drinking nothing but water and unsweetened tea that you brew yourself. Yes yes, I've become a tea bagger, screw you. By taking things in planned steps, I'm reducing system shock or withdrawals. Haven't experienced headaches or other common symptoms from my caffeine reduction, so now I can move on to the sugar reduction. Normally, I'd have gone on the water / tea thing in February, but I'm planning on reducing or eliminating something else at that time: my lunch time dependency on fast food. I'm actually going to start that earlier, like maybe today... purposefully left my wallet at home so I can't go out (have a couple bucks on me to buy popcorn). They say that it takes you doing something 28 days in order to become a habit, so we'll just have to wait and see.

This then brings us to March. I've got nothing planned for March, just a continuation of what I am already doing or working on. I want to see how much weight I can lose, without hurting myself, before I start my next phase. The first phase was quitting smoking; as I knew eating habits would increase during this time frame, I really didn't want to impede that (as I didn't want to smoke again). Second phase, the current one, is calorie reduction; buh-bye sodas and bottled drinks, reduce fast food.

April I begin the third phase: to do general exercises on a regular and increasing basis. I'm not just talking about going for brisk walks or bicycling, either. During the months of April, May and June, I'll be attempting a boot camp type exercise / fitness plan.

There is a goal to this, besides weight loss. I mentioned earlier my trip to Devil's Lake. I'll be going in late July, and I want to be able to hike to the top of the bluffs. That is my goal, to take in that scenery, knowing that I was able to make it without dying. Sure, there's the fact that I haven't seen my, err, myself in years, there's the fact that I find it damn near difficult to find pants that fit (like my height doesn't help)... but those are basic goals. Where's the reward?

I doubt very highly that I'm going to be able to lose 100 pounds in six months... but 30? 50? That seems more attainable, especially considering that most of my problem is calorie intake.

So there you have it, an updated and complete phase schedule. Methinks it is now time to rename this thread...
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Soothsayer's fitness journal :: Comments

Re: Soothsayer's fitness journal
Post on Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:53 am by soothsayer
Dail Account, September 23

Yesterday I had my breakfast of one calcium supplement (to counter the lack of milk intake), two fish oil / omega 3 tablets (lowers triglyceride levels), two cinnamon capsules (said to support metabolism), and one multivitamin. This is my usual morning intake, one that I've been trying to keep up with, but as this latest bout of fitness can attest, it's something I don't keep up with.

Lunch hour. Before heading out for lunch, I made an effort to make a few extra laps throughout the building than usual because of a fear of impending rain and a need to go to the bank. Rain never happened (checked weather radar half hour prior) and realized bank was just an excuse. So, I did my jaunt to Walmart and got my cucumber. Between the extra steps and Walmart, I put in 9602 steps, or roughly 4.85 miles; this gave a calorie burn of 792.

For supper I enjoyed a cucumber (70 calories), a half cup of low fat cottage cheese (90 calories), and four slices of the turkey (90 calories). This was a bit better tasting than what I had the day prior. All told, this was an intake of 250 calories. But now, the bad news: I had a portion of hamburger helper (cheesy mac). Don't know what the calories were in that, but I'll check in a moment (350). I also had one ham dinger, plain (can't find calorie count for that, so I'll say 200 at most). A rice cake (60 calories). And two chocolate fudge pop tarts (400 calories) with a glass of milk (230 calories). Ugh, looking at all these numbers in this paragraph, and I am not liking what I see. Oh, okay... that comes out to 1490 calories I consumed. Not too bad... not what I'm shooting for, but not as bad as I thought, especially since the hamburger help was probably less than what I actually ate, and the ham dinger is an unknown. Oh, and I also took one calcium tablet and two fish oils.

Okay then, calorie loss for the day. 2441 plus 792 comes out to 3233 burned, with an intake of 1490, that puts me at a calorie deficit of 1713. Would have liked to have seen that be more at 2000, but as this is all about the big picture and a long end game, I'll take it. 5000 calories gone in two days, that's about 1.5 pounds.

The really bad thing is that I now have what feels like strep throat or something. Caught it from the wife, who in turn caught it from kids at her place of employ. Here's hoping it doesn't affect my energy levels, or my food consumption. I am tired, but that's because I slept like crap last night Gail was coughing all night, so I moved to the couch... a couch, mind you, I can't completely fit on. Going to attempt the noon hour walk to Walmart again today; it's a bit cool, but that's okay, it'll feel good. Then this evening I'm helping Gail and her co-workers move furniture / clean up as they are doing a dance while being under-staffed, so that'll help as well. Figure why not, as I don't know what's going on this weekend.

Anyway, what did I learn from all this? Stay away from pop tarts I suppose, or at least just have one, and to use a smaller glass for my milk. Don't give into cravings; try drinking water when hungry, or maybe get some healthy snack in the house.
Re: Soothsayer's fitness journal
Post on Mon Sep 26, 2016 8:41 am by soothsayer
Weekend Update

On Friday I skipped lunch; for supper I had six slices of Figaro's pizza and a can of Dr Pepper. By the end of the day, I also burned 812 calories (assisting at the Center helped). So, I burned 3253 calories, but consumed 2280, creating a deficit of 973. Not too good, but a deficit is still a deficit.

Saturday... umm, not so much a big out day, but a day of munching throughout. Cucumber with cottage cheese and crab legs for lunch, 277 calories. Probably three servings of sour cream and chives rice cakes throughout day, 180 calories. Three pieces of Figaro's pizza (leftovers), 1080 calories. Four bottles of Sam Adams Cream Stout, 780 calories. One litre bottle of Coke, 406. That last doesn't sound right, but that's what I'm finding online. I'll double check later. All told, that's 2723 calories consumed. Subtract the daily 2441 and the bit of walking I did (3.76 miles), I come up with a deficit of 337. I knew the weekend was going to be more difficult!

Sunday. Sunday is a killer. Two doughnuts (unknown, 400), some V8 (110 calories per serving, had two), a glass of milk (240), three Little Debbie Banana Marshmallow cakes (540), 20oz bottle of Pepsi (250), a snifter of bourbon (unknown, 120), two iced glasses of coke (240), three non-breaded chicken tenders marinated in Teriyaki sauce (230), couple servings of mixed vegetables (unknown, 100), a bread stick (190) and platter of seafood alfredo (unknown) with "salad" (50) from Railhouse. Where am I even going to count the calories here? And to boot, didn't get much walking in, only 2.2 miles. Calories burned, 2794. Calories consumed, guessing, 2580 plus alfredo. Isn't going to be a deficit here, no sir.

Intentions for today: skip lunch and get as much walking in as I can at work, hopefully go for a walk this afternoon at home as well. Can't do my noon hour walk, as I have to head over to the gatehouse as my supervisor wants me for something. Have a cucumber and cottage cheese for supper and little else. Plenty of water, mainly because I do have a head cold now. I have to try really hard not to munch on anything. Am I attempting to make up for this past weekend? Yes and no; Sunday was disappointing, but writing stuff down does help in having me see what is all being done.
Re: Soothsayer's fitness journal
Post on Tue Sep 27, 2016 7:36 am by soothsayer
September 26

Not much walking done; it was cold, breezy, and I didn't want to risk making my head cold worse. On the plus side, I wasn't really that hungry either, so it balanced out. Didn't eat any lunch. For supper, a cucumber with a side of cottage cheese and three crab legs (250 calories); I also landed up eating a serving of rice cakes (60 calories), two bananas just to get some fruit in (210 calories), and popcorn (150 calories). That's 670 calories consumed.

Now for burned. 2441 for existing (yay life!), with an additional 314 being used up for just normal everyday work. Well, not too normal; I was pretty well chained to my desk yesterday. Still, in total that's 2755 calories depleted, with the end result being 2085 calories lost.

I'm hoping to get some walking in today. At the very least, even if I drive to the mall or something, walk a few laps... but I'll more than likely head to Walmart and wander a bit over there, pick up a cucumber for supper. I don't mind mall walking, did it a few times last year, but I'll save that for when the snow begins to fall.
Re: Soothsayer's fitness journal
Post on Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:55 am by soothsayer
September 27

Another day of semi-stagnation.  The mind was willing, the body not so much.  Yesterday I only walked about 2.65 miles, burning 433 calories.  Add that to the BMR, and that'll give me 2874 calories used.  However, yesterday I also did a bad thing: got two "original chicken sandwiches" from Burger King.  I mean, it's chicken, right?  It's got to be way healthier than the burgers, right?

Wrong!  660 calories.  Each.  Good thing I just ordered the sandwiches, and not any fries or drink!  So, for lunch, 1320 calories consumed.  Probably needed it, what with me fighting this head cold, but still...

And then I come home and find that me wife made chili for supper.  I may want to lose weight and get into a different shape and all that, but I will not walk pass chili.  Had two bowls, calories unknown.  The chili consisted of beef, stewed tomatoes, chili beans, onions, noodles, and I don't know what else.  This most certainly had less calories than something that is canned, I'm sure, but I can't even guess as to how many calories there are in it.  Later in the evening, I had a serving of rice cakes as well (60 calories).  Oh, and a glass of V8 fusion splash or something like that.  Peach Mango.  It was 220 calories, but at least they were good or healthy calories.

All told, I consumed at least 1600 calories.   Just for the sake of argument, I'll say that the chili was probably 400 calories a bowl... there wasn't enough of an individual ingredient in each bowl for any one single serving, but all together?  So, for this argument, I'll just say I ate 2400 calories.  NOT good.  Still a deficit, yes, (by 474 calories), but not good.  I should not have gone to Burger King, I know that, but I wanted something that wasn't healthy (if that makes any sense).  


Sadly, those chicken sandwiches didn't even taste good.

Today's plan is to get back on track.  Check the weather for the noon hour, walk as much as I can in the building.  Go back to a cucumber for lunch.  Can't rightly say punish myself, but limit myself this evening to a very light meal.  Make up for yesterday, by gawd.  If the weather holds out and if I've the energy, a walk to the post office... tomorrow is payday, so I'll be writing checks tonight.

Oh, and lastly, I weigh myself tonight, see if anything I did this past week worked or not. Don't know if the scale is even going to register anything, as the calorie deficit for the week only comes out to 2.5 pounds. But I'll check anyway, just to keep things moving along.
Re: Soothsayer's fitness journal
Post on Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:58 am by soothsayer
September 28

Well, something's off with my math. Either my BMR is higher than what I thought, or I'm losing more calories someplace other than from what I thought, or my scale at home is real wonky... but... according to the scale, I now weigh about 297 (+/- 1 pound). That's roughly a ten pound drop from last week. By my math, I shouldn't have lost more than three total; perhaps the cucumbers have a "cleansing" effect? Maybe my fighting this cold helped burn off more calories? Who knows.

I'm not going to say my scale is accurate, at least not until I can confirm this weight loss on another scale, just to see if the numbers are close. Other side information: a week ago I said I was going to weigh my clothes to see if it makes up a ten pound difference between the VA and home scale; not even close. Pants, shoes, shirt, wallet, keys and phone came out to about three pounds. One of the two scales is definitely off.

Onto the numbers...

I walked to and from Walmart at noon, and then the Post Office in the afternoon (in addition to normal at work walking). This put me at 6.14 miles walked, with a calorie burn of 1012. Coupled with the BRM, I lost 3453 calories. Calories consumed were pretty low. Didn't eat anything for breakfast or lunch, and for supper I had a fistful of iceberg salad, pre-bagged stuff, roughly 30 calories; three crab legs at 70 calories; about two tablespoons of diet / low fat Thousand Island, 70 calories; a banana and a cup of diet / low fat vanilla yogurt, 215 calories. 385 calories total digested brings the deficit to... 3068 calories lost.

As a cheat, I did do the Post Office walk prior to weighing myself, but a 3/4 pound loss is a lot different than having lost five plus pounds elsewhere.

Re: Soothsayer's fitness journal
Post on Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:19 am by soothsayer
September 29

Had an interesting day all around, all thanks to a bit of lethargy. From getting over the head cold, or the lack of calories, I can't say...

Was sluggish all week, but I was also sick. Yesterday was probably the worst of it (lack of energy). Ate a cucumber at around 11 (70 calories), walked to Menards via the road past Windsert and KK, got a couple items, walked back on the road running past Goodwill and the mall. Did a fair amount of walking throughout the building as well. Get home, do a couple things, and walk to the bank in the grocery store, and that's about when I started feeling... I don't know. I was aware, I knew what I was doing, but it seemed as if I was making mental circles and my body wanted to follow. Lethargic might be the wrong word. Confused? Clouded? I don't know.

So I went back home and ate. Gail had prepared a taco dinner, and instead of having a salad or something light like that, I ate. The only thing I know the calories of were the tortilla shells, of which I had two: 180 calories apiece. A soup spoon sized dollop of refried beans, three spoons of hamburger, a wad of cheese, some lettuce / tomato / black olives on each. How many calories would that be? I haven't the faintest idea. But it helped, oh yes. I want to say the beans probably had the second highest calorie count. All told, I would guess that each of my tacos was probably around 400 calories. Maybe 500. No more than 450. Okay, 450 is what I'll be using.

900 calories consumed at supper. I also had a glass of milk (230 calories) and three small slices of some pumpkin cream bread. I'll guess and say that was probably about 300 (no more than that, but probably less). So then, throughout the entire day, I ate around 1500 calories, though in truth it was probably less.

But I'm alert now, so that's good.

Now for the walking. According to the phone app, I walked six miles, burning 979 calories. Factor in the BRM, I went through 3420 calories; this makes a deficit of approximately 1920.

I am in now way shape or form going to say that this was a bad day. If anything, it was good that I recognized the signs and took steps to correct it, instead of ignoring things. And it probably was a combination of different factors. The main thing is that I still had a deficit, right?

On a different note, I ordered a pedometer. I want to see if that matches the phone app; also, I don't always have my phone in my pocket, so hopefully this'll give me a more accurate count. Don't know if it'll keep track of calories or not.

AND, according to the medical station located over here, my blood pressure is 135 over 86, which is a lot higher than what the VA said, with a heart rate of 76, which is close to what the VA said. I also weigh 291. I doubt that, I seriously doubt I could have lost 25 pounds in a week (okay, ten days). I also doubt the accuracy of this device. With that said, I'll just use this as a guide, check myself on a daily basis and see how much the machine fluctuates. Yep, machine as guide and my home scale as the baseline.
Re: Soothsayer's fitness journal
Post on Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:56 am by soothsayer
Weekend, including the past Friday

Friday September 30 - had half a cucumber for lunch (35); two bowls of chili for supper (unknown, 800?); a donut and a glass of milk (430). Consumed at least 1265 calories. Between BRM and what I walked (5.18 miles, 858 calories), I spent 3299 calories. This created a deficit of, at the most, 2034 calories.

Saturday - A cucumber (70), two plain burgers (550), and a serving of fries (365). Two glasses of Pepsi (400). Two portions of rice cakes (120). 1505 calories consumed. Walked 3.49 miles, which burned 579 calories. With BRM, this made a calorie deficit of 1515 calories.

Sunday - Two McDonald's breakfast burritos (400 each). Large chocolate shake (640). 1440 calories consumed; deducting what I walked (1.86 miles, 300 calories) and with the BRM, I had a deficit of 1301 calories.

It's definitely getting easier to turn some foods aside, especially knowing I have the weekend to "be normal". But even with that, it looks like things are starting to go my way... as long as I keep an eye or an awareness as to what my body / mental state is (referencing that day where I was awkward at best).
Re: Soothsayer's fitness journal
Post on Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:10 am by soothsayer
October 3

Combination of a piggy day and a walking day. First, the burned: BRM (2441), walking 4.6 miles (760)... 3201 calories consumed. For the eating: got tired of having a cucumber for lunch, so I bought a bowl of mixed melons from Walmart; supposedly 140 calories. For supper I had a serving of angel hair pasta with some kind of sauce, mixed with diced crab legs and a scoop of peas. Without knowing the exact amounts, I can only make assumptions; peas were 60, crab was 40, noodles were probably around 230. Supper then was around 330, possibly more. Should I just say 400?

But then there was some snacking. A serving of cheddar cheese rice cakes (60 calories). **Side note: the sour cream ones are much better.** Had a double chocolate muffin (220 calories). Yes, it was chocolaty, but it said it was a muffin, which is healthy in my book. I washed that baby down with some choclate milk as well from one of those "chug" bottles. 140 calories a serving, four servings in the bottle: 560 calories. Some popcorn before bed: 140 calories. Snacking calorie total comes out to 980.

All told, I ate or brought in 1520 calories at the most, depending on what the calorie count was on the noodles. Plus or minus, the average comes out to 1485, which creates a deficit of 1716 calories.

Still good, or at least better than what I was doing, but I'm noticing that I tend to eat more in the later part of the day. I've really got to stop that. Should I make that into a new goal? Maybe spread those calories throughout the day and I won't be as hungry later? Or just strong will it? I definitely got to stop the bad snacking though, that isn't going to help anything.

Today's plan is going to be difficult, as I won't be able to walk during the noon hour. I'm hunting for some toddler sized skeletons for a Halloween project, so I'll be heading to KMart right away, then Shopko of they don't have what I need. I should be able to make up for it after work, as long as the expected rain holds out; walk to and from the grocery, I should be good.

Been attempting to weigh myself at the unreliable work medical station, but the device isn't connecting to the server. When it finally does, I'll be checking myself just so I can form a pattern with it's monitors regarding my blood and weight. That way, I hope to at least work off the averages.
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October 4

For lunch I ate a cucumber sprinkled with garlic salt; that's 70 calories for the cucumber, zero for the salt. Later in the afternoon, I had a serving of mini cheddar cheese rice cakes, which is 50 calories. Work day total: 120 calories.

For supper / evening, I had an apple cinnamon rice cake while I was making supper for the boy and wife; 60 calories. For my supper, I had a a large salad from one of those pre-made bags, with three chopped fake crab legs and three tablespoons of diet Thousand Island dressing (two per serving, but I reasoned that I did take a double portion of salad); 40 calories for the salad, 70 for the legs, 105 for the dressing. For dessert, I had a cup of low-fat diet vanilla yogurt; 110 calories. At home total: 385 calories.

All together, total calorie intake was 505 calories. Not a bad day at all, did rather well. I can probably reduce the calories a little bit more by eating plain yogurt (which I actually like), I'll just have to do a serving / calorie comparison. Salad is definitely more filling than what I would have thought, and by adding the crab legs, I'm getting the protein.

Onto the burned...

I walked at least 4.08 miles yesterday. Not the greatest, considering I did not go for a lunch hour walk or an after work one, but hitting 4 miles from just wandering around is a pretty good achievement. This burned 683 calories. Add in my BRM, and I burned away 3124 calories, resulting in a deficit of 2619 calories.

After two weeks, I am starting to notice some physical changes. When I purchased the pants I'm wearing (46 inch waist), I was able to slip a finger within the waist. Now, I'm able to pull out about two - three inches of slack... if I walk around with my wallet in my pants, they slip about halfway down my butt. That's good, right?

I've two more weeks of this diet before I add changes. Come mid October, I'll be bringing some light cardio into the mix. I want to go all out, but I also don't want to kill myself; after all, my body has seen little use in 10 - 12 years. Lose some weight to make the cardio easier. Anyway, when I start that, I'll still be working on the diet. I figure, work on cardio for two months (gradual build-up), and then with the last two or three months, depending on where I am at with the cardio, I'll work on the strength training in addition to everything else. That isn't exactly needed for what I'm trying to do, that's just for me.


Wednesday update. Not counting today, but so far I have lost 14173 calories this week (I've really got to do the weekly totals on a different day. Monday perhaps?) That should come out to four pounds. I'll check the scale later at home, as the on at work is still down. Hoping for a good noon hour to walk, as well as an after work stroll to the Post Office... but we'll see. There's always mall walking, I suppose.
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October 5

Talk about a day! I walked a lot during the work day morning because the weather forecast had a 70% chance of storms; never came. So I then walked to Goodwill during my noon hour, figuring I wouldn't be able to walk after work (Post Office hike). Turns out the forecast was way off, and I was able to take a stroll. While wandering, I figured I'd open the Ingress app and have at it (Crivitz is now under my control). All told, I put in 8.22 miles, or 1363 calories burned. Combined with the BRM, that's a total of 3804 calories gone.

With the eating, I enjoyed eight cherry tomatoes for lunch (24 calories), Gail bought Figaro's for supper so I had three slices of pepperoni / sausage (1080 calories), had an apple rice cake as a snack (50 calories), a cup of milk (130 calories) and a Figaro's frosted cinnamon stick (140 calories) as a treat for walking so much. That's 1424 calories consumed. Would like to see that close to 1000, but come on, that is pretty good, especially considering the walk.

Together, this makes a deficit of 2380 calories. Now, for the scale...

The home scale read that I was about 296, which is where the scale said I was last week. But as a bonus, last week I was almost nude (socks and underwear), while this time around I was fully clothed. Factoring that in, my nude weight would be 293.

I also weighed myself at work on their medi-machine. It says I'm at 284, which is really hard to swallow. I'll swing by that device again later today and reweigh myself. If I go by the average between my scale and work's, last week I should have weighed about 293.5, this week 290. While I like the thought of having lost 30 pounds in two weeks, I know that that is not even remotely possible (work scale). 20 pounds doesn't even sound right (home scale). Oh well.

Today's plan: to hike to Menard's today, check out some chemical resistant gloves, followed with a hike to the bank after work (weather permitting). Who knows, I may hike around town to hack some portals as well.
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October 6

A sad day. Not because of slacking or lack of motivation, but rather because, when looking back and seeing what I ate and looking up calorie information, that common items had more calories than I had thought.

For lunch, I had about a cup of potato salad, brought from Jack's. Without knowing what kind it was, I couldn't tell you what the caloie count was... so, looking things up online, the best I could do was 357 calories. That's a lot, but in truth, I went with one of the higher numbers I found. The count is wrong, I just can't say by how much; this would be "at the most".

I was starving on my way home yesterday. Intestinal thing. So I bought a bag of chili cheese tator skin chips... 3 servings in the bag, 140 each, for a total of 420 calories.

For supper I had a portion of salad (30 calories) with chopped crab legs (70) and thousand island drsssing (proper amount, 70). I also had some polish sausage; again, not knowing the exact brand or calorie count, had to look things up and found that the amount I ate could be around 444 calories. Who knows. Oh, and then there was the breadstick I ate, which, unknown to me, had chedder cheese baked inside it. Internet says it was at least 210 calories.

Gail made cookies yesterday, and as such, I only grabbed four chocolate chip cookies. Once again again, no idea the brand or count. With a cup of milk, this was 442 calories. Had an apple rice cake after my hiking about, 50 cal.

All told, I consumed about 2093 calories. That's a lot. But looking at what I ate, I can easily see how one can over-indulge. The gas station chips? Easy to do. Potato salad, I'd have never guessed. Those two things right there were close to a third of what I ate... factor in the cookies, and that's half my calories. Junk food is just that: junk food. Definitely an eye opener.

On to the walking.

Strolled to Menard's during the noon hour, picked up a few things. Then towards the evening I hiked about, hitting some of my Ingress portals (made a few fields). Walked 6.56 miles, burning 1101 calories. Factor in the BRM, I burned 3542 calories, creating a deficit of 1449.

I suppose that that is still good, that there was a deficit, but I am not happy with that number. If I had forsaken the potato salad, chips, cookies and cheesy bread, I could have had a much higher deficit. Not beating myself up over this, as I'm walking away with additional information, but I can see where such things add up to create problems.


On the 5th I weighed myself three times on the work scale (different parts of the day). Went from 284 to 291, back down to 281. Taking the average, I get 286. Today I didn't leave the scale, just took three readings: 288, 287, 287. I'll check again later, but I think I'm starting to figure out how to get the machine to work.
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Post on Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:36 am by soothsayer
October 7th weekend

What. A. Mess.

Friday - Had no lunch, took Gail out to a local bar-n-grill for supper. I had chicken cordon bleu with wild rice and three beers, along with a bowl of noodle-less chili and "ultimate nachos" as an appetizer. Calories unknown. Walked 4.33 miles, burning 729 calories in addition to the BRM of 2441. Was it a good day? Who knows, depends on the supper calories. Was there a deficit? Probably not; at least, maybe not much to talk about.

Saturday - I may as well laugh this day off. One of those jumbo cans of Monster (green label). A double chocolate muffin with a cup of chocolate milk. Double quarter pounder from McDonald's (780); I also had one McChicken (370) and a bacon cheese burger (460) from the dollar menu. Didn't walk much, only 2.36 miles (388 calories). Oh, and a scoop of hamburger helper earlier in the day, calories unknown. By the looks of things, I still had a deficit, but not a big one.

Sunday - Better. Walked 4.19 miles (burning 685 calories). No lunch. Some peppered roast beef for supper, along with an ear of corn and five? six? baby red potatoes. One hostess cupcake. A chug bottle of 1% milk. Deficit? Yes... but without knowing the calorie count on what I ate, I can't give an accurate (or estimated) amount.

Today's goal: skipping lunch, and I'm planning to put 2+ miles in while walking around the Marinette City Park area. There's three missions in the Ingress game that take place in that area, going to see if I can do only two or three, depending on the time (doing this during lunch break). Back to salads tonight for supper, so I might walk to the grocery when I get home. We'll see.
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November 2nd 2016
one month in

It's definitely easier to do this as a monthly update than a daily. I should probably just do a weekly, but with work and distractions and, well, a month shows better results than a week.

For the past month, I have continued my noon hour walks at work, as well as my afternoon / evening walk about Crivitz. I have also stayed true and not eaten anything for lunch; wait, let me back up just incase I never posted that bit of information. I stopped walking to Walmart solely to buy a cucumber to eat. I reasoned that, between the multivitamin and the supplement, I'm getting whatever I need anyway, plus the fact I have rice cakes in my desk drawer just in case I need to have something to help me through the day. Also sitting in my desk are a few different flavored bags of Harvest Snaps fried peas (110 calories per serving, three servings per bag). I haven't eaten any in a while, but they are there should I begin to feel "off".

So I'm still walking each day, averaging six miles a day (more on the weekends). This is burning anywhere from 850 to 1000 calories a day. I've been walking so much in fact that I have had to buy replacement inserts for my shoes. Not bad at all, I think.

As far as suppers go, that's still a hit or miss thing. I'm trying to eat a salad three to four times a week, mixed with crab legs; sometimes that works, sometimes not. The thing is, at least I'm trying and I'm adding variety to my diet, instead of just eating the same thing (cheese products and meat). I have been more successful with cutting back on my sugary dessert items, and I only drink soda now when we go out to eat.

I haven't seen any visible changes yet, but Gail says she has. My belt is on it's last hole now (before it was on it's third to last, sometimes fourth), so that's a pleasant change. I only discovered this when the pants I just bought about a month back became loose on me. I doubt I lost a lot from around my hip area for only tightening my belt by a couple inches, but it's something.

I also now weight roughly 285.

The work scale says I weigh anywhere from 284 to 286, and the home scale says 290. Deduct the three or four pounds for clothing and pocket items, my home scale would be the same as the work one.

The weight came off quicker than I had thought it would. I expect to start plateauing now, but still, this puts me at a more reasonable starting point for my end goal. Starting now (November), I have five months to get to my hoped on goal of 220 / my realistic goal of 250. That's only about 7 to 12 pounds a month I need to drop. And to think, this was essentially due to simply walking! My strides have gotten longer, I'm walking faster, and I can "power walk" a considerable distance now as well.

And, as I mentioned earlier, it is time for me to begin exercises. Just the basics, push-ups / sit-ups / jumping jacks. Maybe jumping jacks, depends on my knees, in particular my right one; it sometimes gets sore after an extensive walking / power walk about town, but believe you me, not as bad as it did! Maybe some... what were they called... nine count body builders? Anyway, something to make the heart go up a bit, sweat a little, and then we can go from there.
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Not so much an update, but something worth sharing.  Remember one of my past attempts at losing weight I had bought a new belt because the other one had gotten too big?  And I essentially said Off my Sheep! it because I hit a plateau?  Well guess what?  I'm wearing that belt right now, and because I'm being more conscientious and aware as to what is going on, I can meet that plateau head on and crush it.


I should also add that whereas before with the new belt I was only at the very first hole. Currently, I can where it on the third. It's snug, but I can do it. Yay!
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Post on Mon Nov 28, 2016 8:59 am by soothsayer
Still haven't weighed myself yet, at least not on a consistent basis. I seem to have plateaued at about 280-285... then again, I've also probably been eating more than what I have should. However, I haven't gained any weight with the additional eating, so that's a plus. And, the third hole on the belt is now my normal wear hole; I can now slip it onto the fourth. I like that... I've just got to work on some sit-ups or something to help in losing this belly fat.
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December 1st
two months in

Here is the month-in-review for November. Having just weighed myself on the work scale three times in order to get an average, I weigh... 281, clothed. This weight could be off, as the scale itself does give different readings throughout the day. I will weigh myself this evening at home, and again tomorrow at work to get a better baseline, but that's where I'm at.

That means I've lost 34 pounds in two months. Subtract the weight of my clothes, and that wouldn't change anything as I was dressed at the VA. Still... 34 pounds in two months, that isn't bad.

And don't forget I started wearing a new belt, and that the third hole from the end is now the "normal" hole, whereas the fourth is snug but manageable. That means that not only did I lose 34 pounds, but I've also lost four or five inches around my waist. I think. I think that's how it goes. I'll try to take new measurements sometime this week.


Just checked my measurements at work; turns out I had a fabric tape in my drawer. My measurements are:

Neck - 16.5 (lost 1.5")
Chest - 47 (lost 1.5")
Moobs - 50 (lost 2")
Gut - 53.5 (lost 4.5")
Hips - 46 (remained same)

On one hand, it's cool to see that my measurements have declined... and losing damn near 5" from around my gut is nice to see (even though I haven't really noticed any change); my hips remaining the same kinda sucks, but I admit that that number could be off, depending on where I measured myself, especially considering that my belt size has gone down.

Another new measurement would be my BMR. If I were completely comatose and simply existing, I would need to maintain a caloric intake of 2282 a day. However, if I do very little to nothing, then I need 2738 to maintain my weight. I'm just going to average those to numbers together and say my daily intake should be 2510. That does seem high, what with my last BMR being 2441, so I'm thinking that I only used the comatose do nothing figure. Ehh, for the sake of maintaining the same set of data, I'll do that, use the lump number, and say I need to bring in 2282 calories a day to keep my girlish figure the way it is.

Whoops, no, I got that backwards. BMR is the number of calories I naturally burn a day simply by existing. Silly me.

Since it is becoming quite apparent that my original goal of losing between 50 and a hundred pounds by March is quickly becoming a reality... only 16 more pounds in 3.5 months... I am going to try to set a personal goal. I am going to attempt to lose roughly 20 pounds during the month of December. That would put me at around 260-265. Keep in mind that with my initial goal of losing 50-100 pounds, I was 316 pounds, so losing 20 pounds in one month would put me at the minimum lost.

20 pounds comes out to 70,000 calories, or 2258 calories a day. Hey! Seeing as how my new BMR is 2282, all I have to do is not eat for a month! Yeah... like that'll work.

Okay, how about this: I still do my walking at noon. As long as I get in three miles a day, I'll be burning 510 calories. That brings my burn rate to 2792 calories a day. I can't live off simply a salad a day, but I can certainly to so every other day, or at least attempt to. Just in figuring the salad days, a two portion serving (40 calories) with two chopped up fake crab legs (47 calories) and a single serving of diet / fat free Thousand Island (70 calories) brings my intake to 157 calories... creating an overall deficit of 2635 calories. Hmm... because calories is definitely something that can be "banked", that gives me an extra 377 calories. So yeah, pretty much the same holds true: be conscious of my eating on "normal" days, and I still get a pig out day a week.

Or hell, even realizing I need a deficit of 2258 calories a day, with my walking three miles plus a day, I get 534 calories to do with as I please. Sure, it means no Christmas goodies, or at least no going overboard; it also means I have to watch what I eat, and start taking normal proportions. It also means that I'd be eating 3 times less than is recommended... but if I do the salad every other day, banking the extra calories means I can eat closer to a thousand the off days.

Then there's the fact that I wouldn't just be walking the bare minimum, that just means that, on the days where I'm stagnate I have to "punish" myself. Days where I walk more, I get to eat more. Or burn more, depending on what day it is. For example, I've already walked 3 miles today, but I need to hit the bank when I get home, so that'll be at least another 1.5 miles. But I'm also planning on just having my salad, maybe some extras later, but I'll be going into that knowing what the limit is, or what I can / cannot have.

Lastly, seeing as how I believe I am hitting the plateau, I should really consider starting some sit ups and other basic exercises. Jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups. I've lost a fair amount of weight, I've been walking and thus strengthening my joints, so there should be less stress on them. Right? Say... 5 push ups a session, increase by 5 every week; 20 sit ups a session, increase by 10 every week; 25 jumping jacks a session, increase by 10 every week? Hold at least two sessions a day? Or should I check out Darebee? Ehh, do this first, it'll get myself into the routine of things, and then I can begin the 30 day challenges or whatever. I should probably start an exercise log, just so I can track my progress.

So anyway, there you go. Lost 34 pounds. Lost five belt holes. Lost a few inches. Time to see what I can do for the next 30 days!
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Further proof of my getting healthier: I use the free phone app S Health to track my steps / distance I walk. It came with the phone, and having observed it in the past, it does a fairly accurate job of counting my steps. But lately, I've noticed that it hasn't been working that properly. Distances that I've measured on Google Maps to be roughly one mile (work to Walmart, for example) have been tallied up as being significantly shorter on the app.

Then there's my walk from today. I walked from my place of work, up to the mall, down the road to Menard's, along the sidewalk, down that other road, cut onto the other road, go down the work road, walk on the road encircling the perimeter, cut around behind my building, and done. According to Google Maps, that's roughly 2.57 miles... see image below.

But then, according to S Health... which is always on and always tracking my steps, say differently: according to that, I've only walked 1.86 miles in total for the day so far. That's totally unacceptable. Not only does that rob me of a mile from my lunch hour, but who really knows what my actual total is!

But then I realize, it isn't that the app is wrong. It's doing what it's supposed to, and that's tracking my steps. It would seem that my stride has gotten longer, and in turn, I'm taking less steps. This completely throws off my calorie count, but in a good way... I've been seeing that my distance hasn't been tracked (or where I want it to be), so I've been walking more.

Methinks I need to find an app that'll record distance.
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Weight Loss
attempt 2017

The attempted weight loss which I started in 2016, though eventually a bust, started off as a success. A general lack of interest in walking during the winter months followed by high amounts of overtime saw things quickly spiral out of control. With my recent annual VA examination, it is hoped that I can once again get things back on track.

Yesterday, November 14, was my annual VA visit. Oddly enough, things hadn't really changed all that much, so I suppose that that could be a good thing. Two points of concern (from the doctor's perspective) was that my good cholesterol (or was it the bad? I don't remember) went from 94 to 120, when they like to see it under 100. That's not too bad; it isn't in the danger zone, but still should be dropped considering my age and weight. The second point is my blood sugar levels: 7.0 is the onset of diabetes, last year I was at 6.4, this time around I'm at 6.9. Minor concerns involve my ongoing issues with triglycerides, and where hey are better being lower, my counts are in the 300s. Essentially what this is all saying is that I eat too many breads and pastas, drink too many energy drinks, and needs to lose weight (in that order). My weight? 315.4 pounds, dressed.

However, with everything being borderline, the doctor said she wants to see me back in six months for more blood testing. She isn't wanting to see perfect immediate improvements, she just wants to see those borderline numbers drop down some to make sure I'm going in the right direction... as of right now, I'm a good candidate for a heart attack. But shhh, don't tell the wife.

I explained to my doctor how I did manage to lose 35 pounds last year, but with the overtime, I basically went back to square one. I know what I should be doing, and from my experiences last year, I know how to go about doing things, so I should easily improve. No more fast food places at lunch, no more energy drinks (or sodas for that matter), with a noted exception of when we go out to dinner or something like that, and back to forced walks. Easy enough! I did it last year, after all: walking putted out when the real cold set in, but I figure I can at least walk a couple miles a day bundled up; lunches are no biggie, I can go without eating 3000 calorie meals (done it before, I just lost motivation); and as far as sugary drinks go, I only drink them for the taste, but armed with the knowledge that they are killing me... well... it isn't much of a choice now, is it?

Of course, along with that I need... I NEED... to start my basic exercising. I say this all the time, but with my ordering a scroll saw, this gives me motivation to make my foam armor. Also, I have to get into the habit of taking my health pills: fish oil/omega 3 (cuts down triglycerides), cinnamon (promotes weight loss), calcium supplement (as I'm cutting a large amount of dairy from my diet) and a "one-a-day" simply because I'm at that age. Have those lined up on my desk, I just need to get into the habit.


For the sake of reference, I checked my vitals on the health station located in our break room. Weight was almost dead on at 316; blood pressure was way off, so I won't be using that; and the oxygen reader was close (VA said I'm at 95%, the one at work 92%). As always, I know enough to weigh myself a few times throughout the day to get a better average.

Yesterday I enjoyed my last fast food items: Taco Bell for lunch and McDonald's for supper. This morning I'm downing my last Monster. Other than that, I'm good to go.

side note: I've got to stop being lazy.
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Weight loss
attempt 2017
November 27 update

I'm meaning to do weekly weight checks and brief summaries, but with the extended holiday weekend, it was a little hard to do. So this particular update covers 11-12 days.

For the most part, at least at work, I've been good with the whole no eating fast food bit. There were a few instances where I did eat though; Subway's ruben sandwich, a Whopper meal, and a Dominos pizza (on November 17). At home my lunches, if I ate a lunch, consisted of mustard and chopped ham sandwiched between two slices of pumpernickel. With this, though maybe not the best of improvements, it is an improvement nonetheless: not going to a fast food place every day. And even with the sandwiches, those calories are a lot better than what can be found in a drive-thru.

Suppers have been "normal", though I am slowly trying to make my portions less. I've taken some effort to trying to avoid late night or just before bed snacking, but there's room for improvement.

With the exception of one candy bar, I have avoided junky snack food. Oh wait, I take that back: there's been a couple handfuls of animal crackers (are they junk food?) and a couple slices of pumpkin pie (it is Thanksgiving, after all). I did have a bottle or two of soda as well as one can of Monster. In my favor though, this is a big improvement over what I was doing... a can of Monster a day, perhaps a bottle or two of soda a day, a bag of potato chips a day. So with that, I do feel better.

Have been trying to get into the habit of taking my daily supplements: fish oil, cinnamon, calcium, one-a-day. I may skip on the weekends, but that's because I have my drugs lined up on my work desk where I can see them. I'd have to buy another set for home if I'm to remember to take them. I'm also reasoning that any improvement is a good improvement, so I'm not too worried. As these are mainly for my blood, I cannot say if there's any improvement or not.

I have not started my daily walks yet. Planning to. I know, plans don't make any difference without action. I'm just trying to get my legs / heart / breathing back in order: I've been walking up and down the stairs at work.

Okay, my weight. At the VA, I weighed in at 315; on work's scale, 316. Not too much of a difference, so I'll take it. Today, weighing myself at work, the first round had an average weight of 311 (312, 311, 311). A five pound drop in 11 days isn't the best, but it's still damned good, especially considering I've only reduced my intake and not so much my activity level. Keeping this up will definitely help reduce my weight; once I start my walking, that'll take care of the calories I do consume... continuing to take the dailies will assist in lowering my triglycerides , but not as much as actually being more active. Still, this isn't anything to beat myself up over.

I was eating some dehydrated fruits at work during this time frame to help alleviate some of the hunger pains, but then I noticed or realized that there's a lot of sugars in these. Not as much as sodas or Monsters, but still a pretty good amount. Going to attempt to not eat as much of these as I was, and the past few days I've done pretty good... so now instead of grabbing for these if I have a craving, I'm drinking a bottle of plain water.

Lastly, for when I do have a soda craving, I found that Diet Dr Pepper isn't too bad. Zero calories, no sugar, just tastes like either an old Dr Pepper, or an off brand like Dr Thunder.

Five pounds down, 100 more to go (eventually. I'll be happy with 50).
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Weight loss
attempt 2017
December 4 update

Let's see. "Dear diary".

Dear diary. This past week for crap food I ate a couple ice cream sandwiches, some raspberry danish, a quarter of a pumpkin pie (no whip cream). I also stopped at Burger King and had one chicken sandwich and one fish sandwich... we had a trip to Green Bay on Saturday. Oh, on Saturday's game night I had... three? Sara Lee strawberry swirl cakes. What did I do for lunch this past week? Hotdogs, a bag of those dehydrated flavored bean snack things. *ponders* Did I grab a salad from Angeli's? Think so. Supper has been normal to light; so far I've been pretty good with avoiding late snacking.

Drank a lot of water this past week, some orange juice, some milk. Couple mugs of licorice tea, and a few bottles of Diet Dr Pepper. Hey now, those are sugar free and calorie free, so that's damned good. Had a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout. No Monsters. No sodas. No sugary drinks. Yay me!

Weening myself away from the dehydrated fruit, been hitting a handful of raisins here or there for something snacky. Slowly working my way away from those as well.

The scale at work was all over the place, may have to reweigh myself later. First it said I was (298-299-299), which, although sounds great to me, I know there's no way in hell I lost 13 pounds in a week. Weighed myself again, this time from sitting in a different spot on the bench (311-307-304). That second batch looked better, and averaging at 307 does seem to be keeping things in line with the previous week of losing about 4-5 pounds a week. I took a third sample (307-304-304), and if I averaged the first batch (299) with the second (311), that also gives me 304. Did I lose eight pounds in one week? Doubtful. This is why I'll try it again this afternoon.

I could average the averages, getting 306 as a result. That still puts me in the 307 range. Workable.

So yes, things are moving in the right direction. Losing the weight... slowly, but I really haven't done anything other than remove sugary drinks and most fast food. I'm certain my blood sugar levels are going down, simply because I've eliminated them from my diet. I say, I'll give this another week and see how things are progressing, and then I'll adjust my diet some more; start eating suppertime salads again. Soon, when I get over my "need" to eat during the noon hour, I'll start mall walking again as well.

So, for the time being (until I reweigh myself), this is now 10 pounds down, 95 more to go.


Today is Tuesday December 5th. Weighed myself to try to clarify yesterday's weight fiasco, and I don't know... I think it's time for me to start using the home scale as well as my weight was (302, 301, 298). This does put me in the first set of measurements from yesterday, but it doesn't sound right. *shrugs* I guess I'll have to take it for now. The average, according to this, would be 300.

I guess 16 pounds down, roughly 90 more to go.
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Weight Loss
attempt 2018
January 9, 2018

It is hard for me to believe that it has been a month since my last entry, I didn't think I had fallen that far behind. I guess with such a lapse, and with my dietary habits these past couple weeks, I will start this as Attempt 2018.

I just rebooted work's health machine, so I do not know what my starting weight is. I'll give it a few minutes before heading back there. I will fill you in on things since my last post: stress eating.

I was maintaining things up until about the week that the oldest came home on vacation. Dealing with that (there was a lot of stuff going on) involved a lot of drinking... plus there was Christmas to deal with. The boy's vacation was from December 18 to December 26. Then, on Wednesday December 27, took my parents to the hospital and lived off of fast food or gas station food for the next three - four days; after that, massive amounts of pleasure foods like gummy bears and cookies and Monsters and regular soda and more fast food and. I don't think I ate anything healthy that week. A lot of drinking, too.

The first week of January saw me realize what I was eating, so I attempted to change my habits, but it just went from eating crap to eating a lot of other stuff. Oh, I had a large pizza and bread twists for lunch? Why, I'll go home and eat two ham sandwiches while I make a meatloaf, and hell, before bed I'll have a bowl of cereal.

Seriously. I did that. I've gotten better since then, though the desire to eat and gorge is still there. Yesterday (Monday January Cool I only ate a 6" sub sandwich and some pineapple chunks for lunch, one pickled sausage as an afternoon snack, half a pumpkin pie for supper, and a regular person slice of meatloaf. Oh, and a handful of the small tootsie rolls as well. Yes, I know, that sounds like a lot, and it probably is, but compared to what I have been doing, it's a lot better.

So today marks day one of a conscious effort to start this again. It's going to be hard to not eat simply to eat. The sugary drinks I've already eliminated, though I may have a regular soda every day or two; that'll change, I know it. Today I'm going to try to get by without anything at lunch, and just stick to tea and water. For supper, I believe a salad is in order.

Please note that the salads I buy are those Fresh Salads or whatever they're called, prepackaged bags of lettuce and crap. I buy the two serving bag; it contains either 20 or 40 calories, but when I mix in some cherry tomatoes and either ham, chicken, or crab chunks, along with some thousand island dressing, it probably bumps up to about 140-200 calories. I am going to try to eat that as my evening meal every other day (if not every day) if the mrs isn't home. If she is home, it'll be a normal meal.


I do have these oatmeal packets in my desk drawer here should I get hungry. Those are healthy.


According to The Machine, I weigh 309 / 308 / 306. That'd be about a 5-10 pound gain in a month. Okay, so things aren't as bad as I had thought weight-wise, I can work with that. I'm sure my blood sugar levels escalated though, but now that I am mentally prepared, things should start getting better.
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Soothsayer's fitness journal

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