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 Soothsayer's movie discussion

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PostSubject: Soothsayer's movie discussion   Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:15 am

In yet another attempt to condense numerous threads, and to prevent my making new ones all the time, I am going to be putting all my movie reviews within this particular thread.  Just doing my part to conserve energy / bandwidth / be more eco friendly.  But, before I begin the transition of moving things nilly-willy, let me open up this thread with a review or two.

The Wolverine  and Man of Steel

I had a superhero weekend, renting both of these movies.  I started off with Man of Steel.

Now, I am not a Superman fan, not by a long shot.  The only thing I like about Superman, franchise speaking, is the Animated Adventures.  He's just too powerful a character, and too moral; there's a reason why he's known as a boy scout.  I think that maybe I went into this film with expectations that it would suck, and in part it did...  I just don't know if it was my prejudice towards the character or if it was the movie.  There was something about this movie I just didn't care for, and I can't figure it out.  The acting was decent enough, the story was good (it played the whole Krypton background very well), there just seemed to be something off.  I just can't put my finger on it.  Maybe it was the fact that there are several people who know that Clark Kent is Superman.  Maybe it's because Superman was displayed on television sets across the globe and no one recognizes him when he steps into the Daily Planet donning his glasses (worst secret identity ever).  Maybe it's because a man of peace and understanding was somehow able to beat up people who were trained...  trained since birth, mind you... in the art of warfare, people who were his equal in strength and ability.  Maybe it was because Superman killed Zod, not to mention the countless other hundreds of people as he smashed through or leveled skyscraper after skyscraper.  I just don't know.  Speaking of Zod, that was a good rendition I thought.  Anyway, over all this movie was "ehh" at best for me.  Not good, but not bad.  
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The Wolverine

Better than what I thought it was going to be.  A hell of a lot better than Wolverine's first solo film, and much better than First Class.  Part of me wants to complain about the fact that the film makers totally erased all of Wolverine's Asian history from the comic books, but then again, the movie does touch upon that, albeit in a different fashion.  This movie does a good job for those who aren't comic book geeks, while maintaining the feel of the character, how's that?  The film introduces us to Mariko, Yukido, Silver Samurai, and the Hand, all without it being too much or over the top; also, please note that the actresses playing Mariko and Yukido are new, this is their first film, and they did an outstanding job.  The acting was good, story was decent (predictable, but decent), the action was good.  Overall, this was a good movie.  The one thing I liked about it was (spoiler alert!)
.  My one fault... okay, two faults... was how Wolverine lost his healing factor (wouldn't his immune system fought off what had happened?) and
.  On a side note, I love how Marvel's been putting in those extra scenes in during the credits, to build up to the next film.  In this case, we have a teaser for the upcoming Days of Future Past, and though it does make you question a lot, it's just that little extra something.

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Soothsayer's movie discussion
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