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 COW happiness

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PostSubject: COW happiness   Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:17 pm

II have discovered a relation between the Hospital and the Apartment that you can build on COW, and how it effects happiness (unlike Lacuna Expanse, I do not know what happiness does here).

Under your Apartment settings, you will find STATUS... usually within the WEALTHY area. It will also tell you what the population is, and how many people can be housed.

Under the Hospital, there you will find CLEANLINESS (or something to that extent). It will tell you how many people are sick, and how many can be treated.

If... IF... the amount of sick people / treatable is way off balance, it will effect your Apartment STATUS. Apparently you cannot have too many sick people roaming about, and still expect your citizens to be happy about it.

I am certain the Colony Hall ties into this as well... the Hall influences how many people live on your colony. But if there is a direct formula as to what each should be upgrade wise, I haven't discovered it yet.
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COW happiness
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