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 Cars and Trucks!

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Cars and Trucks! Empty
PostSubject: Cars and Trucks!   Cars and Trucks! EmptyThu Apr 24, 2014 8:34 pm

This is one of those threads for stuff that catches the eye or general discussion, like the motorcycle thread, but more focused on things with engines that aren't classified as motorcycles, boats, or aircraft... you know. Cars and Trucks.

I should have started this thread when I found that big Canadian armoured land yacht thing for $400K, but I wasn't foruming much then... so now I have missed a piece of data that we could look at ten years down the road, unless I find it again, or if Vader remembers what it's called...

Anyway, now I am starting the thread, cuz I found my wife's future truck! I thought that could be the above-mentioned Canadian beast, but this new discovery would be much more suited to this region. I give you the Avtoros Wamah Shaman 8x8!!!
Cars and Trucks! Auf-de10

I will now include, for those interested in learning more, a link to a site which has 10 or so pictures of the Shaman, inside and out... sadly the pics are in one of those flash things where you click the arrow, but for this truck, it's worth it! Complex Avtoros article

The driver' cockpit suddenly reminds me of the Ferret! Now THAT's another vehicle worthy of this thread! Have to find some good pics and articles! (Vader, you still have that owner's manual PDF? Or was that me?)

Cars and Trucks! Gurren10
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Cars and Trucks!
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