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 My perfect Punisher movie idea

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PostSubject: My perfect Punisher movie idea   Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:40 am

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Marvel comic book character The Punisher. Since my first reading of him way back in the late 1980's (I want to guess 1987, but I could be wrong), I have damn near idolized this character, seeing him as one of the most realistic comic book characters out there... in America at least. I have many of his early comics (pre 2000), numerous graphic novels and collections, and an entire wall dedicated to Punisher toy merchandise, as well as his three movies.

But, as much as I love the guy, and this is where I may differ from most other Punisher fans, I don't believe Frank Castle should have his own movie; he should not be utilized as a lead or main character. The reason why his movies have failed is because you cannot successfully make a revenge / kill them all movie. I have no idea how the hell Charles Bronson did it in the Death Wish movies, nor do I understand how that same concept fails with our boy Frank. It just doesn't work.

For all the 80s cheesiness involved, the original Dolph Lundgren Punisher flick was really good. There was a story in there that fit well with the Punisher mythos. The only bad part (besides the 80s cheesiness) was the lack of a Punisher... and okay, the story could have been tweaked a little bit. With Tomas Jane, not only did he not look the part (to me, he looked like Christopher Lambert from Highlander), but the story was too over the top. Really? Kill his entire family, including aunts, uncles, cousin's third nephews by marriage? Frank shows up, after having been dead for six months, and his police friends don't take him into protective custody, just let him leave after announcing himself to the world? Ugh. And as much as I like Ray Stevenson... he fit the Punisher perfectly... his movie was campy. The final fight scene was accurate and well played, but everything else was not laudable in the slightest.

In the Marvel Universe, Frank is always preying on drug dealers or slave traders. They do that to keep him grounded in reality. But for some reason they always manage to screw up his background just enough to make him fake; they give him an antagonist that seems over-the-top (or put in a situation where it becomes as such). For me, some of the best works involving Frank was when we worked with other heroes, or when he was taking down super villains. And that is where I put Castle for my perfect Punisher movie.


In true Marvel cinema style, we need to have image or name drops to let the viewer know the character is in that world. In any Spider Man movie, have as a Daily Bugle headline "Punisher Strikes At Mafia" or "Punisher Tally 200 and Rising". Something like that. In a Captain America movie, have Cap giving a speech before military recruits; as the camera pans, we see a soldier with "Castle" stenciled on his uniform. Or hell, as one of the other Marvel characters are fighting a group of baddies, have one bad guy sneaking up on our hero; a shot rings out... POP... and the bad guy falls back, his head ventilated. "Where'd that shot come from? Who fired that shot" echoes through hero headsets, Iron Man traces the trajectory, and we see a glimpse of the black-n-white costume darting behind a chimney stack or something, maybe a glimpse of the skull. "Forget about the shooter now, we have to take care of this NOW." Do this for a few movies, but just enough for us to know he's there, and that he's active.

Then comes the end scene. Something that establishes Frank as being a part of this universe.

We follow Black Widow stealthily approaching a warehouse. "Sensors aren't picking up anything. Proceeding with egress."

Widow enters the building through some venting, gently opens one screen. "Doesn't appear to be anyone here. Continuing with mission."

Quietly falls to the floor, three point landing. Stands up, we see a van behind her (but out of focus as camera is on her). Camera pans towards her back as she walks forward, and we see a work station, a wall with a map of the city dotted with pins. A caged locker full of weapons, some mundane, others super hero or villain related, work benches. A living area in the background, a physical training area. As Widow approaches a bench, camera comes closer to her back, goes over the shoulder, and we see a Punisher shirt thrown over the back of a chair.

With camera on the shirt, we hear Widow saying something like "Safe house 8 negative, target isn't here. Units proceed with caution to safe houses 9 through 12." Camera slowly zooming in on shirt until skull fills screen.

End scene.


For something a little more simpler.

Nick Fury is sitting behind his desk, within a private office (perhaps his house?) Feet up on the desk. "You and I go way back. Served together. Fought together. Saved each other's lives more times than I care to count. We can use someone with your talents."

"You got Barton, you don't need me." says an off screen voice.

"Yeah, I know. But we can use your help. You'd be a great asset..."

Camera pans, rotates to Nick Fury's point of view. Standing there, reaching for the door, we see a figure in the shadows.

"I don't work well with others."

Door opens, light touches upon the Punisher outfit as the figure steps out through the door.

End scene.


We now have Castle firmly within the MU. But where to we put him? As an antagonist.

Frank and Widow fight it out at a murder scene, where she was to bring in the victim alive, but found that the Punisher struck first. Daredevil or Spider Man try to apprehend the Punisher for a string of murders, even though the victims were monsters in their own right (Spider Man is torn as usual, DD sees it wrong just the same). Captain America: Two Wars, where we have Cap and Frank being enemies, then uniting at the end to put down a common foe, with flashbacks to their own wars, showing commonalities and differences. Throughout these films, Frank is Frank, shooting his way through the bodies or normal bad guys and the super-powered... make him as he is in the comics: a man with a plan, a back up. Make him study his target, using the right combination of weapons. Have him kill the villains, have it so the rest of the players know that Frank's a man with the drive and resources to end them, that his actions are wrong and should be stopped. He may not be a member of a team, but he can be a team player if directed.

And then... when the MU expands... when MU finally decides to make a Moon Knight movie (gawds, that would be great!)... why not then make a series for the Marvel Knights or Thunderbolts?


I know, that would be too much, the market does not need so many super hero movies, nor would they really get that involved with a character like Frank. Too violent for Disney I suppose. But it would be fun and interesting. And it shows that Frank would be better suited to a support character or antagonist than the hero and main for his own film.
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My perfect Punisher movie idea
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