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 This site uses a plug-in...

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PostSubject: This site uses a plug-in...   Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:41 pm

... that will soon be unsupported.

Screw you, Chrome. We've been there for you since day one... DAY ONE. Internet Explorer, even after all these years, still freezes and shuts down. Firefox became too dependent on plugins in order for it to work as well as Chrome. And now? Now? Now Chrome is no longer supporting key plugins that a lot of sites still use, mainly Silverlight and Unity. At least Chrome has the decency to say "hey, we aren't going to run this site anymore, try using Firefox". I give them kudos for recommending a competitor. But come on, really? Is there really a need for the most popular web browser to snub its customer base?
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PostSubject: Re: This site uses a plug-in...   Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:20 pm

Sounds like something Google would do right before releasing their own software to do the same job without needing a plugin. Like "don't use a plugin to read and print documents and PDFs! We here at Google will give you an online word processor that links right up with your account!" So next will be a silverlight thing that posts all your silverlight usage to Google+ so all your circles know what you're watching on Netflix.

Yep. Google's done it before!

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This site uses a plug-in...
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