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 Roger Rees (1944-2015)

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PostSubject: Roger Rees (1944-2015)   Sun Jul 12, 2015 7:08 am

Cheers. Men In Tights. Warehouse 13. And a slew of other stuff I either don't remember or am not familiar with. To me, this guy could have been a Bond. Or hell, a Bond villain! In fact, wasn't he?.... Yep, he was the bad guy in If Looks Could Kill with Richard Grieco. Anyway, a salute!

WOW! Try finding vids of Men In Tights on youtube! Where the hell are they?! All I wanted was a montage of Rees clips from the movie so we could get the full "WOWEEE!" but there's like 5 videos from the movie! Well, we'll all remember the Sheriff. RIP, Roger, and thanks for the laughs!

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Roger Rees (1944-2015)
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