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PostSubject: Plumbing   Plumbing EmptyThu Jul 16, 2015 10:32 am

I've an old house, around one hundred years old to be exact. A house this old is bound to have some issues to it, and we have our fair share: out-of-date electrical, a roof that leaks on spots, a mess of a plumbing system, and so on.

For the most part everything is tolerable or manageable. One section of roof that leaks only does so in the winter, due to ice buildup; at some point I'll put in one of those heated wire thingies, but for now I've got a water slide type up in the attic to funnel the dripping water out into an eave. The second drippy spot is going to be more involving, as a portion of the roof will need replacing (it's soft). The electrical, while scary (older wires, no ground) is manageable; put in new outlets (the old ones were literally breaking apart), replaced the fuse box with a circuit breaker. But the plumbing?

The previous owners, who were also of the family who originally had the house built, were farmers. We have numerous spigots outside the house and in the basement. There was a shower in the basement as well, and a toilet. In fact, if you were to look at the ceiling in my basement, you'll find a maze of pipes leading all over the place; some of the pipes even lead to plugs. Pipes have been dripping and patched, dripping and repaired, dripping and rigged up, always with the dripping and quick fix.

I want to do something about all that. I want to clear out the whole mess and just leave what we need: one spigot for the outside, the pipes for the kitchen sink, the pipes for the washer, the pipe for the heater (it has a humidity control), the pipe for the water heater (the pipe runs right past the circuit breaker), and the pipes for the bathroom. Believe me, just limiting the web of piping to this will clear out a lot of mess and will alleviate a bunch of the patched drips... this eliminates the basement shower and toilet (bet you didn't know I had one down there, did ya?), one outside spigot, one ot two basement spigots, a few plugged lines (both lead and copper).

I would love to replace the entire system with PVC; it's cheap, easy to repair / set-up and modify. I'm feeling mentally lazy right now, so I don't really want to read up on plumbing, but I'd much rather pick the brains of those that have handled this before, either by their own research or hands-on. What can I all replace? What about heat tolerances? Is it possible to join PVC to copper, or would I have to replace the copper as well?

**side note: the bathroom fixtures, as in the sink and shower controls, do not have a cut-off, the water pipes lead directly to the faucets. Now that I think about it, or actually now that I see what I have written, I could just get rid of the copper and attach the PVC via a threaded coupling.**

At some point what I would like to do is have you guys (and gals) come over and we can look at the pipework together. See what needs to be done, see what needs to be gotten, and then BOOM, gut the whole thing at replace it in one day. Shouldn't be too hard if we start early enough. Look at it, take measurements, hit Menards and get the stuff... if we need to get additional pieces, we can always go to Ace Hardware or the local lumber company (if it's open... though I think they close at noon on the weekends).

Any takers? Who's with me on this?
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