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 Stuff in the news

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PostSubject: Stuff in the news   Stuff in the news EmptyTue Sep 08, 2015 9:30 pm

Hmmm... rather than trying to decide to file something under Japanese or religious or genital, if it's news, shouldn't it go in a news thread? If we post news stuff in one place, and keep it up, not only we will have a long thread, but we will have a thread that stays current with the times! YAY!

Okay, anyway. Fox news ticker informs me: navies-could-harness-3d-printing-to-build-military-vessels-report-says/ I didn't read the article, cuz the headline says it all, but I linked it for completeness.

So Fox news ticker tells me that, and the first thing I think of is an article I read last week about: 3d-printed-vagina-kayak-results-in-indictment-for-artist-megumi-igarashi

Do these two pieces of news have anything to do with each other? Nope... aside from 3d printers making things that float. And I'm sure the Navy isn't going to be printing giant battleship gray vaginas, but I would hate to be on their first 3d Printed submarine!

Stuff in the news Gurren10
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Stuff in the news
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