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 Let me build my army

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PostSubject: Let me build my army   Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:01 am

Many a year ago (four or five), I had a game idea utilizing MARS robot figures, as the arms, legs, and weapons could be swapped out. I gathered a small force from a few different dollar stores and I was going to create, test, and put together a set of rules, but then the stores stopped carrying these toys. (original post can be found here) This led me down the path of making a mecha battle based game using Legos.

Everything was going to be simple and easy and cheap, and I was going to use the Front Mission series of video games as my basis. You know, taking their ideas of two / four/ hover legs pros and cons, backpack bonuses, arm purposes, and so on. Was even going to make little Lego diagrams on the Lego website so you could construct specific style framework or weapons as a guide... everyone was free to make their own design, as long as they wrote down what was what.

As with most things, I put this on the ol' mental back burner. But I've been feeling creative lately. I've been going back and blowing the dust off of some ideas, mentally reworking others. While the timing of the MARS figures was definitely off, the idea of creating our own mecha and waging war/ skirmishes or even one-on-one is still a good one. And hell, we're all talented in our own ways, we could easily craft our own mecha out of popsicle sticks or foamboard as long as we follow simple guidelines.


Damn, that's a good idea. We could find some sort of source material that was weapon descriptions as well as points or cost, and go from there. Make our own mecha based off of that. Doesn't have to look like what's in the book, but as long as we say what is what, everything is good to go. Ooh, I like that.


Anyway, back to the Legos before I start to go off on too much of a tangent.

While looking at images of Tau figures crafted from Legos, I found a link to a page where the designers created a mecha game out of Legos. I haven't really checked things out too much yet as I wanted to write this before I forget. The link is here, and oddly enough the work computer doesn't block the site under the game category, so it must be allowed. I'm sure there are other Lego mecha game based sites out there, but this makes for a good starting point to get some ideas.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to think some more about scratch building our own mecha.
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Let me build my army
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