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PostSubject: Harvesting   Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:47 pm

Aha! A CoW post directed directly to another player! Soothsayer, a while back you mentioned somewhere else that you had found a forum post or article or some damn thing explaining that if you pick certain answers to the questions at harvesting asteroids, you would get more experience and resources. That seems like something that would be helpful to anyone playing the game! Could you either scribble something up, or post a link to the info you originally found? Please?

**EDIT: I'm making this a sticky. Soothsayer was awesome enough to post resource
harvesting information, and I almost got blowed up trying to navigate
to it. Now it will be right on top!

Just an FYI, when you go to an asteroid for resource harvesting, it asks
you a question with 5 possible answers. Depending on the answer you
choose, you can get more resources and experience! Soothsayer has posted
the "right" answers for maximum haul! Thanks again Sooth!


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PostSubject: Re: Harvesting   Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:21 pm


Now, this is not my site, nor am I the author of the content. As such, I will not post the entire content here, but I will provide the link.

Harvest Answers

When doing a harvest, you will be confronted with a random question. Depending on the answer, you will collect different amounts of resources and gain different amounts of experience points. The above link shows which answers provide the best yields.

Some don't make much sense, while others are painfully obvious.

Choose wisely.


Edit: After some thought, I decided to cut and paste the questions and answers for the harvests. Why? Upon checking, there is no content author, nor is anyone credited for it. To me, that means it is in the public domain, and as such, is free to take (or paste). I will, however, acknowledge the fine people at CoW, or Colony of War, for the game and all it contains, including the harvest questions.


Quote :
1. Discovered an asteroid named UK41-CR. It's full of waste and the temperature is too high so I don't think I can stay here long. It seems like there are lots of mineral resources though. Let's explore what kinds of minerals are buried here.

A: Research atmosphere and soil of the asteroid and send a video of the surface to the colony.

2. Discovered an asteroid named UK41-CR. There is a thin layer of atmosphere and a crimson desert that stretches endlessly. Let's explore and check if there are living things existing here.

A: Discovered an asteroid named UK41-CR. It's the most qualified small planet for living things. I should gather mineral samples and analyze it.

3. Discovered an asteroid named UK41-CR. There are many craters on the surface and the density is very high. Let's collect some resources. If lucky, maybe I can discover some sol.

A:Secure a retreat route for a sudden attack from the enemy while working.

4. Discovered an asteroid named UK41-CR. There are remains of the first Cameroon air raid everywhere. Tragic feelings... I should gather the fallen soldiers' bodies and hold a funeral service for them.

A: Eat and take pictures before starting to work.

5. Discovered an asteroid named UK41-CR. It's the most qualified small planet for living things. I should gather mineral samples and analyze it.


Collect only valuable minerals and leave here fast.

6. It isn't a small or big asteroid. There is a trace of other units from the past. If the guy wasn't too greedy, he'd leave some resources for others.

A: Repair damaged unit after landing and look for resources.

7. I can see fragments of spacecrafts on this asteroid. There was most likely a battle. I want to check, but have too much work to do today. I must save money and resources and build stronger units.

A: Explore carefully for the study of the origin of living life.

8. Beautiful star... No, an asteroid made me forget my given mission. I heard a rumor that Hoanoss merchants found antimatter here. If the rumor is true, I can become rich.

A: Blow up rocks using explosives and begin to dig into the ground and collect resources.

9. Found a nameless asteroid. There is a very bad yellow dust blowing about. Some kind of light is shining from the rocky region. I should take a look.

A: Analyze chemical components and magnetics here. Then, install a camera to design a surface map.

10. The asteroid I just arrived on is not the asteroid ZP32-1C3. Because of the space storm it's not easy to set up the coordinator. Too bad, but I should start working on collecting resources here. If I get lucky I could find some rare resources.

A: Consider safety and use a pilotless industrial robot and collect only rare resources.

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PostSubject: Re: Harvesting   Fri Jul 15, 2011 6:11 pm

Relaying basic information here, as Shadowcrunch and I discussed on the phone. Verbally on the phone, I may add, not that text stuff. I wonder how many kids out there even know you can talk on the phone? Anyway, back to harvesting.

There will be occassions where you won't be able to harvest. Here are the reasons why (that I've found) so far.

1. You are being threatened. The green HUD showing your hit points and shield points will be red... either eliminate the threatening entity, or simply move away for a little bit; either will make the red go green again.

2. A harvest site is being occupied. I have no idea what this means, or how to do it. I've only seen this in the area with Barkman; each harvest site was under the control / occupied by the same individual, and would not allow me to harvest. The areas did say that so-and-so had 9 hours and some odd minutes remaining for the occupation, but I didn't go back to see what happened.

3. Sometimes, and I don't know why, a harvest area will say that the area is blocked, or locked. Again, i cannot say why... I believe it may be because a quest needs to be done to unlock it, or a certain level has to be achieved. But, I honestly couldn't tell you why this is.

Surely, as more time goes on, and we expand our knowledge base, we will find more odd things, as well as the answers we need to solve them!

Carry on.
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PostSubject: Re: Harvesting   

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