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 Smartphone Frustrations

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PostSubject: Smartphone Frustrations   Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:48 am

I'm getting smartphone burn out. Or maybe its connectivity burn out. I don't know what the term is or would be, but I'm getting tired of my smartphone.

Maybe it's because I sit behind a desk all day, and have access to the internet through the work computer. Maybe it's because when I'm home I'm really not using my phone other than to play a round of Scrabble against a friend. Maybe it's because if I need to look something up, I would rather do so from my laptop; if I want to read something, I'll do it from my tablet; if I want to play something, I'll go to my console.

Maybe I just have too many devices.

I don't need to be "connected" all the time. And yet, I find that it is hard to get away. What am I really doing? I'm not on my laptop that much, as I do just about all of my computing at work; I really don't need a laptop, but it's good to have for when I pull overtime at work and need to watch a movie, or do video/photo analysis for my side business, or if I have to look up a "how to"; my tablet is quickly becoming a storage device for books, and I don't really go on it for anything else (though it is my companion when I do overtime at the boatyard); and my phone... hell... I think I check it more to see if I got a message more often than the number of times I actually got a message. I'll do a quick check of the weather, play a couple games, maybe do some online purchasing... but nothing I couldn't really do from work or any of my other devices.

Anyway, I'm giving consideration to downgrading. Thinking of trading in my smartphone for a basic flip phone. I don't need all of these pre-installed apps. Want to know what apps I use (pre-installed or downloaded)? Calculator, Camera, Samsung Music, TV Listings, Streaming TV Guide, Amazon, Messaging, Messenger. Add in there the game of the week. That's it. I only use, on a regular basis, eight to ten apps. Oh, and one widget (weather). There's 70 apps on my phone! I don't need all of this, not for what I use my phone for. There's nothing on my phone I can't use my laptop or tablet for.

Now that I think about it, what am I using a tablet for? Books? Playing Pandora when I'm working on something in the basement? I can just toss those on the laptop as well, or at least a thumb drive. I don't have a data package that includes the tablet, so all it is, is a storage device with a screen.

But this need... this societal need to stay connected with friends and family and the internet and needing to stay plugged in... why? Where did all that come from? Why do we need all this stuff? Why do we need to be connected?
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Smartphone Frustrations
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