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 Sigma 6: Punisher

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PostSubject: Sigma 6: Punisher   Sigma 6: Punisher EmptyTue Oct 16, 2018 9:14 am

A Real American Hero

I was watching a video the other day (I've posted it below) and saw a GI Joe Sigma 6 figure that I thought would look good redone as the Punisher.  (for those who might not recall, Sigma 6 was an anime styled GI Joe cartoon) Went hunting online for what I thought was "Longshot" or "Long Shot", as named in the video, but it turned out to be "Long Range". Minor inconvenience.

Oddly enough, my hunting turned up nothing, at least not for the figure I was looking for. There were a few Long Range figures in desert camo, and even though the figure was to be repainted, these desert figures were not ideal: the one I was looking for had a gun that was modular, as well as a trench coat. That was the essential piece, the coat.

Finally found what I wanted, and the good thing was that the seller had everything with the exception of the case it came in. No biggie. Next was accessories. I found an auction for some Sigma 6 weapons that looked promising; there were a couple holsters, pistols, and knives I was interested in... but the asking price in addition to shipping costs was a bit much. Luckily today I found a Sigma 6 figure of Duke that, lo and behold, came with holsters, pistols, grenades, a knife... everything I was looking at previously. Best part is, this item was cheaper than the weapons auction and it came with an extra figure (not that I need one). I was going to try my hand at crafting some holsters, but now I won't have to. Yay!

Both figures should be arriving around the 23rd.

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Sigma 6: Punisher
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