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 Battlefield favoritism (I like my...)

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PostSubject: Battlefield favoritism (I like my...)   Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:07 pm

I'm thinking the more games of Warmachine or Hordes are played, this topic should expand. To start, I will introduce my current favorite Warmachine unit(s): The Khadoran Doom Reavers!
Why do I like them? Cuz they're friggin NUTS! Literally!! The Orgoth (read your Warmachine historical fluff) left behind these enchanted swords called 'Fell Blades' that have malevolent spirits inside them. When a person wields the sword, the spirits give them increased strength and stamina, but also whisper things into the wielder's mind, driving the person insane. The Queen of Khador, not wanting to lose the benefit of the blades, but not wanting to sacrifice her troops, started a project involving giving the blades to violent prisoners, using magic to TRY to counter the vicious urgings of the swords, and giving these prisoners amnesty if they would use the swords against the enemies of Khador. Of course, the swords speak to them and drive them insane, but the insanity is channeled away from the motherland...most of the time. They really are NUTS!

They have the Abomination skill, which means they are so fearsome, other people run away from them (friend and foe alike!). They are fearless, and will NEVER run from any enemy! They have weapon mastery skill with their swords, giving a bonus in combat. High melee attack skill, decent strength, decent defense, and a powerful weapon...I'm sure these guys could even be thrown toe-to-toe with a heavy warjack and come out okay!

Downside? They are insane. If one makes a melee kill, he goes berserk and automatically attacks any other units in melee range...friend or foe....even other Doom Reavers. So if they are in formation, and just one makes a kill, that could be it for most of the team.

I've only had the fun of fielding this unit of troops once so far, but it was enough for me to realize they were my current faves, and I will be trying many more tactics with them in games to come!

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Battlefield favoritism (I like my...)
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