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 Adding pictures to posts.

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PostSubject: Adding pictures to posts.    Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:02 am

A quick note for those who want to add pictures directly to your posts (instead of uploading to the gallery):

In the post edit box buttons, there is a button with a little polaroid looking icon with a diskette in front of it and when you hover over it the tooltip says "Host an Image." When you click this button, a dialog opens for uploading a picture file from your hard drive. WARNING: these files are NOT being uploaded to this forum, but instead to the image hosting site "Servimg." The files can then be automatically linked and embedded in your post from there...sorta. What I don't like about it is the way to join the free image host known as Servimg: even by going to their home page, there is no link to sign up or register. If you use the above-mentioned button and upload a file, it automatically registers you at Servimg using the email address you have on record for your forum registration. They will then send you an email confirmation with your new password. While this seems like a nice feature, and very streamlined...I've never heard of them before, still have no idea who they are (their site is lacking), and don't appreciate the fact that they now have access to my main email address where I try to keep junk mail away. That said, use at your own risk!

The button next to that one, which features only a little polaroid looking icon, is the standard image linking button found in most forums, with which you can link/embed from anywhere online, including picture galleries like Picasa or Flickr. Maybe not as streamlined, but at least you know exactly where your pictures are stored and who is storing them.

AND, as a tip for any of the buttons in the post edit box, if you click one and it opens a dialog, and you decide to instead not use that feature, you can get rid of the opened dialog box by clicking on the button again. Remember this! There is no "close" or "X" and if you forget to hit the button to close the dialog, you can get frustrated quickly. Trust me on this... Rolling Eyes
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Adding pictures to posts.
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