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 Narcissus - 5

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PostSubject: Narcissus - 5   Fri Jul 29, 2011 5:15 pm

This gate is located within the Narcissus - 2 jump gate. It contains the following...

1. Morient's Plundered Base, upper left quarter; opponents yield 6 Metal, 5 Gas, 8 Ither, 2 Antimatter, 1 Sol (in addition to civilian prisoner and damaged part).
2. Babel Nuclear Center, upper right quarter
3. Prison of Lust, center right border
4. Babel's Pirate Outpost, center, lower half

Right now I am on a quest to rescue 15 civilian hostages from Morient's Plundered Base, but I gotta tell ya... I'm real curious about the Prison of Lust.

More to follow.
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Narcissus - 5
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