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 WOT calculator?

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PostSubject: WOT calculator?   Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:02 pm

Wow, I must have hit preview then forgot to send. I posted this earlier but the post isn't here, so away I go!

This was top news on the World of Tanks start screen a few hours ago, and I think it's valuable enough to throw in here for those who play the game but don't pay attention to headlines due to the play and battle buttons being big, red, and more potent than crack. geek

Some fans of the game have created a website that is basically a browser version of the full in-game tech trees! That in itself is cool enough, but they also added all the various levels and functions of the tech tree: click on an armor unit, it expands into the research breakdown for that vehicle, showing the costs and specs of each piece of hardware available for that vehicle. Even the right-clicking to view detailed characteristics works just like in-game! AND AND AND...they took it one step further. From the main tech tree screen, if you alt-click a lower tank (like the one you have now), then alt-click a higher level tank (like the one you WANT), it opens up a box telling you exactly how many in-game credits or gold you will have to spend to get there, exactly how many research points are required, how many vehicles you need to research through to get there, and even how much it will cost to upgrade your chosen vehicle to its top equipment. This calculator could be a tier grinder's best friend, and I highly recommend checking it out! Oh yeah, the link:

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WOT calculator?
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