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Topics tagged under 1 on COT2 I_folderTopic: Udemy Course Section 3

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Search in: Creation and design   Topics tagged under 1 on COT2 EmptySubject: Udemy Course Section 3    Topics tagged under 1 on COT2 EmptySun Jan 15, 2017 4:53 am
Just noting some thoughts. I'm working on my Udemy course for learning C++ in the context of making games using the Unreal engine, and at section 3 things start to get more moresome. But right away at the start of the section, as the instructor starts to lay out our plan for the whole section, I start asking myself questions. The plan is to learn how to combine C++ and the Unreal Engine (UE) starting with a classic "escape the room" game. The Concept as described by Instructor Ben:
1. The core concept is simple: escape the room.
2. You awaken in a locked room, unable to escape.
3. Use environmental clues such as light and sound to determine what to do next.
4. Trigger pressure plates and solve puzzles to progress towards the exit.

The rules:
1. No lose condition, apart from the feeling you're going to die in this room if you don't get out!
2. Anything that you can do, you're allowed to do.
3. You win by finally exiting the room.

Sounds awesome, and I'm looking forward to continuing on, but we're at the design stage, hence covering the concept, rules, requirements, and conditions. As I make my plan in my head, and make the rough sketches Ben recommends, I keep coming back to the #1 rule. Specifically, the feeling you're going to die in this room...

I've played a few of these escape games. Flash-based, 2D, 3D, 2.5D, point-n-click, first-person, those silly ones on phones that are just 100 floors of single room puzzles (actually fun, but silly from a grander game design standpoint). I'm trying to think of any of them that gave me any sense of urgency to escape, much less a feeling of dying in the room. I know, a short video game with one purpose, you're not going to get any emotional attachment to a character, but... I don't know. There has to be some way to convey a NEED to escape. I remember I played a flash one that was tagged as horror, and it started with the crazy doctor guy coming in to tell you you're time is coming soon, and the caged room has bodies and skeletons and parts hanging on meathooks and such. That's cool, but it's overdone in the full-blown first person horror games these days. I remember I very much wanted to escape, and finding screwdrivers to open ducts and valves in a boiler room and such, but I don't remember what the plot progression was, so I can't remember how they brought that escape urge on.

The only other one I can think of where I really wanted to escape was Verde Station, and that didn't give any forced reason why. The guy that made it, I believe, borders on genius. There was nothing specific in the game that made you feel like it was dangerous to keep doing your thing, but overall there was an atmosphere of something being seriously wrong. You kept waiting for something to happen, someone to pop out, some anything. You weren't even sure if escape was the right idea, or if you could, or why you should, but there was a compelling FEELING leading you to escape. Verde Station could be completed on a speed run in as little as 15 minutes, I've still managed to rack up several hours just because each time I play I get "that feeling."

So how the hell do I create "that feeling" without copying Verde, and without telling the player in same way "escape or you die?" How do I create a sense of urgency? Filling the room with water? OOH... that just came to me, and that could be used to great effect! Big ship, sinking on one end, you're stuck in the sinking end and have to complete puzzles to unlock bulkheads to get up on deck to get in a lifeboat... Don't think I've played that before! I suppose the same could be used with fire in a building. Or reverse the concept... being chased and having to do some puzzling tasks to lock doors. Hmmm, food for thought. Thanks, forum diary thing! Very Happy (of course discussion is welcome)
Topics tagged under 1 on COT2 I_folderTopic: A hole in one

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Search in: Friendly Chat   Topics tagged under 1 on COT2 EmptySubject: A hole in one    Topics tagged under 1 on COT2 EmptyMon Aug 03, 2015 8:06 am
Oh yes, this black text on charcoal grey is so much easier to read than powder blue on white Smile  Just kidding, the text is fine, just had to say it though.  Anyway...

Went to Crivitz' range (or is it still called a course?) late yesterday afternoon, to better get the lay of the land and to see what's what.  There are nine baskets, but the number 3 is missing, or waiting to be installed: there's a pole where it should be, but no basket.  Freaking Crivitz... why not use the number nine in it's stead?  WHo knows.

There are also no starting markers or areas, no launch platforms or whatever they are called.  There are several four by fours sticking out of the ground maybe by a foot or two, but no identifying markers to suggest wht they are for, what baskets they are for, or anything else for that matter.

When I get back from placing these conference room schedules, I'll edit the map to place the general location of the baskets.


The numbers might be a bit hard to read, but we'll see after I get this loaded...

Topics tagged under 1 on COT2 Overhe11

Hmm... maybe you'll see the numbers better if you click on the image, to see the original file? Oh well. Essentially, #1 starts off the left corner of the tank, goes down and around the playground, diagonal into the groups of trees, shoots over to the restrooms, back towards the train tracks, and then straight up to the tank again. 1 and 9 are on top of a hill, 2 is on the slope, 3 (if there is a 3) and 8 are at the base of the hill. 6 is atop a small hill.

Hazards. There is also no straight shot between 7 and 8, too many trees in the way. There's a fence that runs along the right side, so shots at 7, 8, and 9 can potentially go over this fence, which means you'd have to walk all the way around (fence goes from road to road) and then through some thickets and brambles. Shots into 3 and (especially) 4 have the potential to land within the playground, where your frisbee, err, disc can be grabbed, picked up, or moved by kids.

There is no start, there is no map, and as mentioned earlier, there are no launch platforms. I know, that's not what they're called, but I like the sound of it.
Topics tagged under 1 on COT2 I_folderTopic: Surviving Skyrim

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Search in: Video Games   Topics tagged under 1 on COT2 EmptySubject: Surviving Skyrim    Topics tagged under 1 on COT2 EmptyWed Nov 16, 2011 3:10 pm
I'm NOT starting this thread to discuss how Skyrim plays (if you don't know what Skyrim is, what's wrong with you?!). I intend to teach other travelers how to survive the wilds of the North kingdom. Heed my words!

#1 - I don't care if you're level 6, a healing spell in one hand and a sword that does fire damage in the other... you are NOT ready to go toe-to-toe with a Skyrim bear.

5-1-15 NECROEDIT!!!! #skyrim
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